Nadal is aware that the recovery process will take longer

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Nadal is aware that the recovery process will take longer

The season is over for Rafael Nadal after foot surgery, the only question is when he will be ready to return to the field, whether the break until January will be enough for him to play in the Australian Open. The Spanish ace moves on crutches and admits that he is still in pain after the procedure.

Still, the Spaniard wants to return to the court as soon as possible and show why he is one of the best tennis players. As always, he doesn't want to give up and he wants to fight to the end "I'm fine, although I knew better days.

My foot still hurts. This is a difficult period for me. My goal is to fully recover, aware that I will have difficult and painful moments in one period." "I am determined to overcome them all, to fight for what I want, and that is to return to the field," said Nadal.

However, Rafa admits that he will not be younger, and that as the years go by, the fight to heal injuries is getting harder and longer. Nadal has had one of the best careers in the history of the sport and it is certain that not many such players will appear in the near future.

Recovery process

He is aware that this time the recovery process could take much longer, but the love for this sport seems to never stop "I had fantastic moments during my career, which I never dreamed I would have.

But I also had difficult moments due to injuries, although I always found a way to recover and move on." "As the years go by, things have to be understood realistically: the clock is ticking, everything is getting more complicated.

" The season entering the final part did not turn out as Rafa had hoped. He has a score of 24-5, he won titles in Rome and Barcelona, ​​but was eliminated in the semifinals at Roland Garros. Things did not go as he had imagined.

There are always certain obstacles that prevent us, so this time too. But Nadal also faced bigger obstacles and eventually emerged victorious. And this time he will for sure "In my original script, I was supposed to play at Wimbledon, the Olympic Games and the US Open.

But sometimes not everything you have imagined comes true. You have to be ready to adapt to all the changes and accept them painlessly, "Rafa Nadal pointed out. We expect his quick return and re-dominance as before