Becker: "Novak deserved to be treated better"

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Becker: "Novak deserved to be treated better"

The defeat of Novak Djokovic in the final of the US Open and the missed chance to cement himself as the greatest tennis player in history is still a top topic in the tennis public and media around the world. One of those who are sad by Djokovic's defeat is his former coach and friend Boris Becker.

The legendary German says that the pressure on the Serbian tennis player before the finals in New York was too big. "I have never seen Novak crying on the field. That means he has reached the emotional limit. Or that he crossed it.

Probably people asked him every day after Wimbledon about winning a calendar Grand Slam or a record of 21 Grand Slam titles." "It was obviously too much for him. However, he managed to say to the people of New York with tears in his eyes: "Today is the most beautiful day in my life because I am finally respected and loved."

"And all that on the day when he missed probably the only opportunity in his career to win all four in one year," Becker told Eurosport.

Scenes in New York

Becker was touched by the final scenes in New York.

"It was an incredible situation. Crazy moment. At one point, we forgot that the winner was Daniil Medvedev. Everything that was written before the match did not happen." "But Novak again found sincere, warm, and great words in such a difficult moment.

I know Novak privately and professionally and I can confirm to you that he is a good guy." "He is a great competitor who sometimes exaggerates with emotions on the field, but to whom did that not happen? The public, including the media, really has to accept that there are not two, but three legends in tennis who have great qualities as athletes and people.

" The German hopes that after this, Djokovic will receive different treatment in public. "I hope that these two weeks in New York, the finals, the speech after the finals, and the reaction of the New York audience will finally mean that everyone sees him in a different light."

"He publicly supported Tsitsipas after criticism for the toilet break and often sided with the players. It is often hidden under the carpet in public and no one wants to see it the right way." "And it is clear that there is Novak's other side, which is very sympathetic.

Because of him and his family, I hope that they will finally get fairer treatment in public than they have had so far. "