Wilander wrote an analysis of Novak's defeat

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Wilander wrote an analysis of Novak's defeat

The finals of the US Open and the defeat of Novak Djokovic by Daniil Medvedev are still one of the hit topics in the world sports media. Numerous analyzes are performed, the miracle of Daniil Medvedev is commented on and the missed historical chance of the Serbian ace for a calendar slam and a record 21st Grand Slam trophy in his career.

One of the most famous analysts, the legendary Swedish tennis player Mats Wilander, commented on the finals in the author's text for the French L'Eqip and made some predictions for the future. "I am sad that Djokovic never had a chance to win this final in the match.

Not even a set to win. I do not want to take away the credit to Danilil Medvedev, who was close to perfection, but there was something strange in this situation." "Tactically, Medvedev was right: He sent 2the balls in the middle and did not allow Djokovic to attack the corners with fast balls.

Novak did not manage to find a solution for that." "As soon as he got a usable ball, Medvedev would accelerate and he still had to wait for the right moment. "I also believe that serve was the key to this match.

He brought Medvedev a lot of easy points. On the other hand, Novak served terribly and miserably." "And so he was left without easy points, which immediately turned this fight into an unequal one. It is especially visible on a hard surface that is not so fast and has nothing in common with the one in Melbourne or with the grass in Wimbledon."

Style of play

"Everything Novak tried didn't work. In such an issue, even Novak Djokovic cannot stop Medvedev." "Through his style of play, Medvedev constantly makes you try something. And you don't know what and how ...

Two moments especially influenced Novak." "In the first game when he lost the serve after a 40:15 lead. And at the beginning of the second set when he missed five break points. Bad luck? I don't believe" "He was obviously feeling a lot of pressure.

Much bigger than we can even imagine. "This tournament also brought two good news. The first is that the younger generations finally proved that they are ready to take the torch from the older ones." "So much so that I still hope that the "big three" will remain in the 20 Grand Slam tournaments won.

That would be great! And it is very possible. It would be an ideal timing for the end of the eternal race. "The other good news is that I'm sure Novak won't stop here. I can imagine him recharging his batteries for the next few weeks and then training like an animal for four months to shine on the Australian Open." "It will be a new beginning for him, "Wilander wrote in L'Equip