Medvedev: "Olympic gold is my biggest wish"

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Medvedev: "Olympic gold is my biggest wish"

Daniil Medvedev got his five minutes of glory. With good reason, he won the final of the US Open against Novak Djokovic, the best tennis player in the world, and at the same time picked up his first Grand Slam trophy. The Russian media enthusiastically welcomed Medvedev's triumph, after a long time, one player from the largest country in the world reached one of the four biggest trophies.

And that was when the whole world was waiting for the fairy tale to come true, for Djokovic to become the first after Rod Laver with a Grand Slam in his hands. Medvedev's returned a film after the final, it was not difficult for him ...

"There were many difficult moments in the match. When you play against Novak, you know that you must not give up at any moment, that you must be one hundred percent ready from the first to the last point." "You can't do it differently.

Of course, there were some moments when the match could have gone to his side and I am glad that I was able to outplay him in those key moments, "Medvedev said.

Novak's tears

The new champion of the US Open also said that he did not see Novak's tears on the field.

"I found out later, I didn't see it, because they didn't show it on the screen on the field. You never look at your opponent while changing sides on the field, because it would be weird to look on another player.

" Medvedev had an interesting answer to the question of what is most important to him: Olympic gold, Davis Cup trophy or first place on the ATP list. "If we talk about priorities, the Olympic Games would be in the first place.

But they will not be there for another three years, and tennis must be played during that time." "One of the most realistic goals is the Davis Cup, because we have, I have no problem saying that, the best team in the world.

We have four players in the top 30 on the ATP list, which no one else have." "I've always said that I have to win Grand Slams to become the world's first racket. Now I took the trophy, but Novak took three this year."

"I don’t think I have any chance of becoming number one this year. Mathematically, I would have to win all the tournaments to the end, which is science fiction." "I hope that I will be able to achieve all the goals by the end of my career, I want to take everything I can. "