Medvedev: "At 5: 3 the cramps started"

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Medvedev: "At 5: 3 the cramps started"
Medvedev: "At 5: 3 the cramps started" (Provided by Sport World News)

We all regret that Novak Djokovic missed the calendar Grand Slam, but if anyone already had to do that, let it be Daniil Medvedev. Immediately after winning the first Grand Slam, the new champion of the US Open told Djokovic that the Serb was the best in the history of tennis for him, and after the match, he commented in more detail on how difficult it was to endure in the finals of the New York tournament.

That is why, after all, he played with clear tactics to make the match as short as possible. Even on the second service, the Russian crossed all risk limits. Worth it. "The day before every match with the coach, I talk about tactics.

It usually takes five to 10 minutes, some little things. Where will I serve, what will I do during the points. When I play against Novak, it lasts about 30 minutes." "Why? Because we have already played and I know that every match is different because he is so good.

He changes tactics, approaches. Unlike the match at the Australian Open, I had a clear plan of what to do. Of course, a lot depended on him, "Medvedev began at the championship conference.


And continued. "Did Novak play his best tennis?" Maybe not today.

He was under a lot of pressure, although so was I. But I took a risk. And even on the second serve, because I felt confident. I knew I couldn't give him easy points on the serve, because he likes it. That was the plan, and as I had self-confidence, I succeeded.

" At the end of the victory in three sets, it seemed quite easy. It was not. "The cramps started when I led 5: 3 in the last set. I think that due to the pressure, I was not able to solve the match on my serve during the 5: 2 lead." "My legs went away after 5: 3.

At 5: 4, left foot, I could hardly walk. If you really look at the video, when I go for a towel, my left leg lags behind." "I tried not to show it, it's not good if Novak feels it. And then at 40:15, I had two match balls. I said to myself, ‘Come on, go get the ace, just try it.

Well, a huge double service error. Then I did it. And I'm really happy. " "It was difficult, not that it wasn't. I don't know what would have happened if he had reached 5: 5, some madness would have started, who knows." "I don’t think they cheered against me, more for him.

They wanted to see their man win a calendar grand slam. It must have been the cause of some of my double faults. That is why this victory is even sweeter. "