Djokovic to the audience: "I'm the happiest man because you made me feel special"

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Djokovic to the audience:  "I'm the happiest man because you made me feel special"

Novak Djokovic was one step away from history. One step away from the calendar slam, a feat accomplished by people who can be counted on the fingers of one hand. The first racket in the world did not play better than Danilo Medvedev, and at the awarding of the cup after the match, we saw something, which has not been seen for a long time.

Of course, the gentlemen's approach in the statements after the match was not absent, but this was one of the most emotional addresses in Novak Djokovic's career. Of course, it started with the man who reached the first Grand Slam title tonight.

"I'll start by congratulating Danilo. Great match, great tournament and if there's anyone who deserves this title, it's you. You have a great team, you're one of the best people on the tour and I hope you have a great career with another Grand Slam title ", Novak told the second tennis player in the world.

The audience applauded the best tennis player on the planet during the break between the penultimate and last game. An eruption of emotion was seen through the tears in his eyes as he returned to the rival's services. The avalanche did not stop even when he stood in front of the microphone.

"I've been thinking about both scenarios and what I'm going to talk about if I win or lose. I want to say that even though I didn't win, I'm the happiest man because you made me feel special. You touched my soul, I've never felt this way in New York.

Thank you very much for this tonight. I'll see you soon," Novak said at the end.

Medvedev after the match

Danil Medvedev will remember forever the match he played in New York against Novak Djokovic. Everything was ready for the historic triumph of the Serb, but the Russian spoiled the party he had already seen.

He was very proud while holding the first Grand Slam trophy in his hands, but he first showed great respect for the first tennis player in the world on the court. "I apologize to the fans and Novak Djokovic. We all know what he was chasing today.

Everything you've done in your career ... What I'm about to say, I've never told anyone. You are the best player of all time for me ", said Danil Medvedev while looking the Serbian tennis player straight in the eye.

The Russian then addressed those closest to him who helped him achieve the greatest success in his career. "I want to thank my team, everyone who watched, parents, family, sisters, all friends ... Thank you. It was not easy to reach the Grand Slam trophy."

"I want to thank you for helping me on this journey. I also want to thank the audience, you cheered more for Novak today, but that is understandable. You have given me a lot of energy since 2019, it was not easy, but thank you very much.

" In the end, Medvedev revealed what problem he had before the finals. "I want to finish my speech in a nice way. It was an anniversary for my wife and me, so I couldn't think of a gift during the tournament. I realized that if I lost I wouldn't be able to buy it, so I'd better win. I love you, Dasho," Medvedev said at the end.