Emma Raducanu: "I mean, it's an absolute dream"

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Emma Raducanu: "I mean, it's an absolute dream"

Emma Raducanu is one of the biggest sensations in the history of women’s tennis. As a qualifier, she managed to reach the finals of the US Open, all at the age of 18! After the match, she talked at the press conference and she revealed some details after everything that happened.

The final was a big challenge for her, but in the end she succeeded "Yeah, I thought from the very beginning I knew it was going to be an extremely difficult match because Leylah, she's played some unbelievable tennis, taking out a lot of the top 10 this week."

"I knew that I'd really have to bring my game." "I was just trying to focus as much as possible on one point at a time. There were some really great battles. I really had to dig deep to face quite a bit of adversity in both sets."

"I'm just proud of how I managed to stick in and come through in the end." Emma expressed her gratitude to everyone who was with her throughout the tournament "I mean, it's an absolute dream. You just have visions of yourself going up to the box, hugging everyone, I mean, celebrating.

That's something that you always think of, you always work for." "For that moment to actually happen, yeah, I'm just so grateful for my team that is here with me, the team that is back home, the LTA, every single person who supported me along this journey."

Grand Slam champion

One of the reporters asked Emma a question: If someone had told you ahead of Wimbledon that by the end of the summer you'd be a Grand Slam champion, what would you have said to them? "No, I wouldn't have believed it at all, because at the beginning of the grass courts, I was coming fresh off my exams.

I had three weeks to practice before my first tournament. Yeah, I just built up every single match, every single win." "I mean, I thought Wimbledon was such an incredible experience. Fourth round, second week, I couldn't believe it.

I thought, what a great achievement." "But I was still hungry. I was working hard after the grass. I didn't have much time off." "Then straight back out here on the States. With each match and tournament and week, I think I've really built in terms of confidence, in terms of my game, in terms of my ball striking.

Everything came together today. "Yeah, I think to pull off some of the shots I did in the big moments when I really needed it was just an accumulation of everything I've learnt in the past five weeks. Her whole way to the finals and even the finals seemed very simple.

Emma did not lose the set, and parried her opponents well "Yeah, I'd say even though I didn't on paper drop a set, I think I faced a lot of adversity in every single one of my matches." "I can pick moments where I was down.

Even if the scoreline was showing one thing, the dynamic of the points in the games, there were long deuce games. Just to come through those are important. "I think what I did very well this tournament was press in the moments that I really needed to.

I guess that's why I didn't drop a set on paper, even though all of the matches were extremely challenging."