Zverev: "Mentally, Djokovic is the greatest ever"

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Zverev: "Mentally, Djokovic is the greatest ever"

One match separates Novak Djokovic from eternity. One victory, one day until the 21st grand slam in his career, but also an almost unique endeavor - the first calendar slam after 52 years and Rod Laver! The job is not finished yet.

The rival on the last step will be Danil Medvedev, who has lost only one set in the course of the US Open so far. Let there be four of them after the finals ... At this moment, everyone's mouth is full of stories about history and success that are being pointed out to Novak Djokovic on the horizon.

But he stays firmly on the ground, cold-blooded. There is no reason to celebrate in advance, and during his address to the press after five hours of exhausting fighting, he remembered the famous words of Kobe Bryant from the finals of the NBA League in 2009 ...

"There is his famous interview when the Lakers took the lead with 3: 1, where he literally said: 'Why would I be happy now? The job is not done '" "Kobe was the idol of millions of athletes around the world and people who admired him.

I cultivate such behavior too. The job is really not finished. But the excitement is there. Motivation exists, no doubt. Probably more than ever before. I have another match in front of me ", Novak Djokovic is clear. Novak Djokovic was graceful in the difficult moments when he lost at the Olympic Games.

Even then, he spoke about Alexander Zverev in selected words, showing that he is an athlete who is rarely born. Although he was left without a chance to win the Grand Slam this morning, Zverev retaliated against Djokovic in the same way, showing that his manners are not foreign either.

"I believe that Novak will win the tournament on Sunday. "If you look at everything, he is the greatest of all time," Zverev said after the defeat.

Zverev on Djokovic

The German admitted that he is not thrilled when he has to cross rackets with the best in the world.

"Mentally, Djokovic is the greatest ever. When the match breaks, I wish there was someone else on the other side of the net, just not him." Zverev believes that he was close to defeating Djokovic in New York as well.

"He and I are probably among the three best players in the world. It's hard when you los, but I think the match could have gone the other way." "However, he went for his, as it usually happens. We both left our best on the field.

The second break in the fifth set was incredibly unfortunate for me, but Novak is number one for a reason." "He served really well with break balls and that was a big difference this time, "said Alexander Zverev.