Brooksby: "I believe that I can get to the very end"


Brooksby: "I believe that I can get to the very end"

Judging by the rating, Novak Djokovic should have an easy job to reach the quarterfinals of the US Open. His rival Jenson Brooksby (21) arrived at the tournament as the 99th tennis player in the world, and that is the best rating in his career.

However, Brooksby is one of the sensations of the tournament. The player who eliminated all the better-ranked players on the way to the clash with the best in the world: Mikael Ymer, Taylor Fritz, and the triumph over Aslan Karacev in the third round (3: 2) is really a huge success for the young American, probably the biggest in his career.

Brooksby came to the tournament by receiving a special invitation, but he exceeded all expectations, including his own. And he does not plan to stop there, although on the other side of the net he will be the best tennis player in the world, according to many and of all times - Novak Djokovic.

Brooksby wants to show that young lions are not afraid of old "wolves" and in that style, he announces a match that will start somewhere one hour after midnight. "This will be a great challenge for me, one of the biggest possible.

But, I really believe in myself and the game I have shown so far. I have a great team around me, which will help me get ready." "I don't think too much about who will be on the other side, I will have the best possible strategy against him and I will play like any other opponent in question," Brooksby said.

End of tournament

Not only does he believe he can beat Djokovic, but the young American believes he can reach the very end of the tournament. "I believe that I have a game with which I can reach the end." "I don't set any big goals for myself, to reach the second week of the tournament or something like that, but I believe that I can get to the very end," Brooksby underlined.

Well, now, it's one thing to talk, to announce, and it's a completely different thing when you go out on the field and stay one on one with the best in the world. Here, Brooksby, like on a scanner, will see how much his game is worth in relation to the best ...

Right now he will have the most difficult task in his career, considering that we know the quality of Djokovic In addition, Djokovic is more ambitious than ever, and wants to get to the very end