Corretje: "I think Djokovic needs to be more careful"

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Corretje: "I think Djokovic needs to be more careful"

Novak Djokovic also skipped the third step on the road to tennis history. Kei Nishikori fell in four sets (3: 1), harder than expected, especially in the first half of the match. However, Djokovic found a way after an unconvincing start and advanced to the next round, where, at least on paper, he should have an easier task, as he will cross rackets with Jenson Brooksby, the 99th player in the world.

Tennis expert Àlex Corretja, a former Spanish tennis player, otherwise a great admirer of Djokovic's work, believes that Novak risks too much by entering matches slowly because he lost a set in the first round to a far weaker player.

"It seems to me that Novak was not sure how fast he was playing in the beginning. He was too slow, he later managed to reach his recognizable level." "He was much more convincing than the second set, but I think he would have to be more careful, because such beginnings are a real game with fire, and then you can easily get burned, "said Corretja

Ideal test

The Spaniard added, on the other hand, that Nishikori was the ideal test for Djokovic.

"In my opinion, the match with Nishikori was very important for Djokovic, because he did not play in tournaments in the USA this summer, and that is why he needed a stronger test." "He lost the set in the first round, but it was clear that he would win the match, but against Kei, he knew that he could lose.

And that was a great thing for him, to go through the fourth round in this way, because from now on it will be harder and different for Novak. " Corretja points out that we will see a different Djokovic's face in the second week of the tournament.

"It would not be good for Novak if he did not go through any difficult situation from the Olympic Games until today. That is why I believe that in the second week we will see the real Djokovic, in his best edition ", Àlex Corretja pointed out.

And indeed, as the tournament progresses, Djokovic will have more and more difficult tasks, and there is huge pressure on him considering the record he wants to break. However, we are aware of the mentality of Djokovic and that he has had a lot of pressure so far, which he has resolved in his favor.

Djokovic is moving towards his goal, and the question is whether he will persevere, but apparently, he is the main favorite for that.