Nishikori: "Djokovic is the toughest rival."

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Nishikori: "Djokovic is the toughest rival."

Drama in five sets, it was not an easy match despite a 2-0 lead in sets, but Kei Nishikori got everything he could to win against home player Mackenzie McDonald. He celebrated after exactly four hours of exhausting fight, and then he soon found out that in the third round, the man he least likes to play against is waiting for him - Novak Djokovic.

No one is happy when the best player on the planet is in full force on the other side of the net, especially not while attacking another Grand Slam title, a record, with another feat that has been waiting for more than half a century, but Kei Nishikori doesn't like to play against Novak for a simple reason.

It is enough to look at the history of their duels and understand that the Japanese is in a series of 17 defeats. The last one happened at the Olympic Games ... "He recently won against me in Tokyo and I was ready for it to be a long and difficult duel.

He started to play much better in the third and fourth set, almost in the fifth as well." "But I stayed strong, I was also a little lucky to everything ends in my favor ", said Nishikori, and at the mention of the duel against Novak Djokovic, he turned white: "There is a lot here, our history is long.

He is now one of the best on the tour. I can't say that I always like to play against the best because he is the toughest rival." "I would rather be against someone who is ranked lower. I always like big challenges Even if I have a bad performance against tough opponents.

I'm sure it will be difficult, but I will give my maximum." Their clash is scheduled for the night between Saturday and Sunday, and the date will be known soon.

Roddick on Djokovic

Andy Roddick, a famous tennis player, and former star, also spoke about Novak Djokovic's performance.

Roddick had only words of praise for the Serbian tennis player and believes that he will win at least 25 Grand Slam tournaments "I think he will win at least 25 Grand Slam tournaments," Rodik said. "Novak has seriously improved his service over time.

Now he is faster, with simpler movements. He constantly hits corners with high speed and straight blow. What he can do with the initial shot is extremely effective. Like many things, he turned his weakness into strength. Impressive." Andy Roddick concluded.