Andy Murray attacks Tsitsipas: "He won, but today I lost respect for him"

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Andy Murray attacks Tsitsipas: "He won, but today I lost respect for him"

It was the most anticipated match of this first day in Flushing Meadows and the match between Andy Murray and Stefanos Tsitsipas met expectations and saw the Greek win after a battle of almost five hours. A challenge full of twists and turns with the former number one in the world one step away from the company and ahead two sets to one.

During the competition Tsitsipas was noted for an attitude that was not very appreciated by the British tennis player. At the end of the third set, on 2 to 1 for Andy, he asked for a medicoz timeout then went to change his racket losing time on 0-30 for Murray and many other small tricks aimed at annoying the opponent.

At the end of the match outspoken Andy Murray launched a tough attack on the Greek. Speaking at the post-match press conference Murray made the following statements: "At the end of the fourth set Stefanos went back to the locker room again, honestly I had talked about it before the match and I expected things like that if things didn't go as he wanted, but he did it stopped in a way that hurt my physique, when you play at these rhythms stopping for 7 or 8 minutes makes you cold.

You can also be mentally prepared for this, but all of these breaks affect you physically. It can't be a coincidence that he uses those breaks in those certain moments, there was talk of knee problems at the end of the third set but he didn't have any problems in the next two hours.

I am not saying that he would have lost, but I think it all affected. I think Stefanos is a great player and I appreciate him in this sport but after today I lost respect for him. I sat with the Tennis Council proposing to change some rules, do you think it is normal to spend all this time in the bathroom? It doesn't make sense and he knows it too.

He talks about it all the time but it keeps happening, maybe I'm overreacting but I'll talk to my team and listen to what people have to say. All this is not fair, I should be here talking about my great performance and instead I am talking about his bathroom break.

I told the ATP that I didn't want to do the press conference because it was bad to talk like that, but in the end I'm here. My race? I have been saying this for a long time, I am able to play at this level, I just need time and today I had good feelings, I did well but I am disappointed by everything that has happened."