The accusations against Alexander Zverev for Olga Sharypova's issue are increasing

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The accusations against Alexander Zverev for Olga Sharypova's issue are increasing

Last November, Olga Sharypova, former girlfriend of German Alexander Zverev, confessed to well-known sports journalist Ben Rothenberg the frequent (verbal and physical) abuses suffered in the past by Zverev, unleashing a powder keg inside the Atp.

A few hours ago, the second part of that interview was published on the website and the German's position only gets worse. The young woman said: “After what happened in Geneva in 2019, the punch and my suicide attempt, I decided that I had to do something.

I went to see him play, I was happy with his victories, but when I asked him to talk about what happened he disappointed me a lot, because he didn't show even a bit of regret. I traveled with him on the Asian tour and, although we had an argument in Beijing, I saw him much calmer and this made me think that our relationship still had a future.

But in Shanghai everything went wrong." After overtaking the French Jeremy Chardy in the second round, in fact, Zverev would be very aggressive with her again: "I was with my friend in a beauty salon", continued Sharypova, "when suddenly I started receiving messages from Sascha.

He was outraged that I wasn't waiting for him at the hotel and he scolded me furiously for leaving a box of fruit that our friend had given us on hhis massage table: Why did you leave it here? I need the room to be clean, I don't understand what you do in a beauty salon instead of being here.

You do not love me?" Sharypova added: "Upon arriving at the hotel, Sascha received me very seriously and she told me that she was waiting for me, so now I would be waiting for him. He left and he left me alone in the room, after telling me some very bad things.

I collapsed, I didn't know what to do and went back to inject myself with insulin, I didn't want to continue fighting. When he came back he measured my sugar levels, he gave me some glucose and scolded me outraged for all the trouble I would cause him if I died in the room.

He told me that he was the victim and that he couldn't concentrate, but when I suggested that he break the relationship and leave, he stopped me." It was at this point, according to the girl's version, that immediately after a shower things would have become even more serious: determined to return to Moscow, Sharypova would have suffered a severe physical and verbal attack from her boyfriend: "I hope you die, but you won't in my room.

If you want to inject insulin on the street, I don't want problems." Zverev's father would have also intervened and said to Olga: "You are garbage, we don't need you."

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