Djokovic: "I know how big the chance is in front of me"

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Djokovic: "I know how big the chance is in front of me"

At the beginning of the upcoming week, Novak Djokovic will embark on a campaign for a new trophy in a rich biography, but also an attack on historical successes. The world's first racket has the opportunity to win the 21st Grand Slam and thus achieve a unique feat in the history of tennis, and in addition to beating the record he currently shares with Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, the Serb could become the first in the same calendar has won the Australian Open, Roland Garros, Wimbledon and the US Open since 1969 and the success of Rod Laver.

The fact that at the tournament in New York he could move the boundaries of the sport to the ladder previously unattainable for any tennis player is a special motive for tennis number one, who spoke about his ambitions before the start of the tournament.

"I know how big the chance is in front of me and I am very motivated. I am looking forward to appearing in front of the audience, but it is necessary for me to play well, serve shots and maintain balance." "There are many quality rivals in the tournament, and I consider Zverev, Medvedev and Tsitsipas as the best.

I feel tension, but I don't give importance to it," said the world's first racket.

Federer and Williams

On the eve of the start of the prestigious tournament, Roger Federer and Serena Williams, tennis veterans who left a deep mark in white sports in previous years, canceled their participation due to injuries.

"I am aware that we are no longer as young and that we cannot play as many tournaments as before. When an injury becomes chronic, it is worrying not only for one's career, but also after it. Overcoming pain is part of the game, but there must be a limit."

Just wanting to be as ready as possible to fight for the 21st Grand Slam trophy and avoid possible injuries, Djokovic missed the tournaments after the Olympic Games, so with full batteries, he is waiting for the opportunity to complete all four most prestigious trophies in 2021 on the ATP tour.

"I took an additional break and I didn't play in Cincinnati, it was planned earlier. I am satisfied with my preparations for the US Open. There is no need for additional pressure, but pressure is a privilege, you really play for this," Djokovic emphasized. The US Open is about to start and the race will be more interesting than ever.