Stefanos Tsitsipas described the Olympic Games experience

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Stefanos Tsitsipas described the Olympic Games experience

Stefanos Tsitsipas is perhaps the greatest potential in the world of tennis and someone from whom much is expected. Although he is still a young tennis player, Tsitsipas manages to parry any opponent and if he continues with his good games, he could become number one in a few years.

Adidasnews did an interesting interview with a young Greek in which he talked about his experience of playing in the Olympics and what exactly that Olympics meant to him. The Greek had hard preparations and a hard tournament.

"It has been a very intense period of competing with consecutive matches and tournaments." "I love the sport, but I’m a little mentally exhausted from all the competition, I think I’ve reached the red zone and need a little bit of time for myself, time to refresh and come back on the tour in the next couple of weeks.

The Olympic Games are the dream of any sportsman, including Stefanos "From a very young age, I dreamt of competing at the Olympics, for my country it’s one of the biggest events to compete at. In my mind it was like reaching the ultimate of what every single sport has to offer."

"Of course, getting a medal is at the top of those dreams, it didn’t happen this year, but you know, there are many other chances I’m sure that that not just me, but other athletes will also get. There’s a lot of pride competing and being part of the Olympics, I think every single athlete should be proud, regardless of results, that they get to represent their country and the opportunity to see their skills and how they can excel in their craft.


It was at the Olympics that he experienced emotions that will not be forgotten "I found the experience positively overwhelming, there was so much going on, something I would consider very memorable and won’t forget any time soon.

I’m happy that I got to meet athletes from every single corner of this world and different sports that I wouldn’t have met otherwise. I felt it’s not only about Tennis, but every sport is unique and great in their own way.

I’ve learned a lot in these past two weeks, it’s been a very important lesson for me to grow and understand that something good always comes out of competition and professional sports." "It’s a celebration of global sports, of competition, fair play, adversity and just friendship.

Tsitsipas also had words of praise for certain people "I’m thankful to my grandfather, who I never got to meet. He was an Olympic Champion in the 1956 Melbourne Games for football with the Soviet Union, he is part of the legacy."

"I’m also grateful to him for raising my mother and making her the caring person she is today. She gave me the opportunity to dream and see sport from a competitive perspective, where I truly wanted to make this my full-time job."

"She is one of the main reasons I am standing here today, and playing tennis at the level that I am. She has taught me a lot about discipline, competition, respect and nurturing my talents. Always trying to get the best out of me and find the best version of myself, inspiring me in ways that I couldn’t understand as a child.