John McEnroe: "Only the heat can stop Djokovic"

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John McEnroe: "Only the heat can stop Djokovic"

Since he confidently cleared the way to the trophies at Roland Garros and Wimbledon, many thought that Novak Djokovic would easily win Olympic gold, but not John McEnroe. That does not mean that the legendary American tennis player is against the best tennis player on the planet, and maybe even in history.

He explained why he was so convinced before the tournament in Tokyo started. As he expressed his opinion before the start of Wimbledon that Novak will win that Grand Slam tournament, and before the start of the US Open (August 30 - September 12), he repeated that the Serb will conquer New York as well.

"I feel that Novak will win the tournament, that's what I expect. Before Wimbledon started, I felt that he would win (that) Grand Slam, but something told me that he would lose at the Olympic Games. "Competition format (on two sets won, instead of three as in Grand Slam tournaments), then excessive travel, absence of the audience ...

all that contributed to Novak losing (in Tokyo). And I think that the heat played a big role", said John McEnroe.


There is no dilemma that Djokovic, who has won the US Open three times, will have only one opponent on the fields of Flushing Jellyfish.

And these are not the guys on the other side of the net. "In my opinion, he will play 'against' the field. And I bet on him." "The heat could be a problem for any top or any player at all. That could be the deciding factor if Novak loses to someone if he finds himself in a situation where he plays in very hot conditions (as they announced).

"Otherwise, I think he will win (everything). " McEnroe is looking forward to the upcoming US Open, precisely because of the Serbian tennis player who would make two historic steps by winning the cup: he would become the first player in history with 21 Grand Slam titles in the collection and the first after more than half a century to win a calendar Grand Slam.

"Novak can obviously make things more interesting and exciting in this tournament, let's see if he can perform something that no one has done since Rod Laver in 1969. It will be exciting," added the seven-time Grand Slam winner, four of whom were raised in New York.

Given Djokovic's dominance and mentality, he will be the number one favorite. There are many other tennis players who are great and who could be a threat to him, but Djokovic already knew how to deal with them.