Rafa Nadal: "I could not train, prepare and compete in the way I should"

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Rafa Nadal: "I could not train, prepare and compete in the way I should"

Tennis fans will no longer be able to enjoy watching Rafael Nadal this season. The Spanish ace announced on social media that after talking to the team and family, he made the decision to take a break and prepare for the challenges that await him next year.

"I wanted to inform you that unfortunately, I have to finish the season. Honestly, I have been suffering a lot more than I should with my foot for a year and I need time ", Rafael Nadal wrote "In the previous year, I missed many important tournaments such as Wimbledon, the Olympic Games, and now I will miss the US Open."

"I could not train, prepare and compete in the way I should, so I came to the conclusion that I need time to recover and change some things, in order to find a solution to this problem. " The Spaniard's foot injury has been giving him severe headaches for a long time ...

"It is nothing new, it has been bothering me since 2005 and it has prevented me from developing my sports career properly. It's time to find a new type of treatment now, to find a solution or at least improve the small condition, so that I can continue to play for a few more years."

"I have the maximum enthusiasm to do everything necessary to return in the best possible condition. "


In the end, he sent a message to loyal fans. "Thank you in advance for your support, understanding, and all your expressions of affection, which are very important otherwise.

And even more important in difficult times like now." Nadal is motivated, as before, to return to the tennis courts as soon as possible "I promise you that I will do my best to continue to enjoy this sport for some time to come.

A big hug to everyone ", said Rafael Nadal. However, it seems that the Spaniard has much bigger problems than most expected and that it will take time for his recovery. Most believe that the years have made the injury much more serious, but we should certainly take into account how long we have been watching Nadal and how much he did his best throughout his career, the last atom of strength to become what he is.

We hope that he will recover as soon as possible and return to the tennis courts because such a legend is exactly the reason why most people love tennis