Naomi Osaka's golden heart: she will donate...

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Naomi Osaka's golden heart: she will donate...

Naomi Osaka described her feelings and emotions of her while she is playing tennis and terrible things are happening in the world. Once again, the young Japanese tennis player has shown her sincerity and her generous nature in support of people affected by tragedies such as earthquakes or wars.

Haiti, her father's hometown, was hit by a 7.2 magnitude earthquake, even more powerful than the one that caused hundreds of thousands of deaths in 2010. For now there are 724 dead, but there are still many people injured or trapped under the rubble waiting for help.

That's why Osaka has announced that she will donate the proceeds of her next winnings to help Haiti and the earthquake victims, again showing her good heart and her generosity. After the won against Cori Gauff in Cincinnati she said: "I've had a weird year, many of you know what I've been through.

I feel like I've changed my way of thinking, even when I lose I feel like I've won, seeing that. what happens in the world. I read the news and realize that even just waking up in the morning is a success. I was scared, I saw the titles about the players who were losing and who the next day were seen as protagonists of a collapse and not great.

The choice to play , to meet the fans who see me play is already an achievement. I don't know when I started not to like this, but I felt ungrateful. Seeing what happens, like in Haiti (she decided to donate her Masters salary to the people devastated by the earthquake, ed) or in Afghanistan, it's crazy.

Instead I just have to hit a tennis ball in the United States, and have people watching me play. I would like to be myself in this situation rather than closed. nothing else in the world." Naomi, after winning the Australian Open 2021, took part in the Roland Garros, where she overtook Patricia Maria Tig with a score of 6-4 7-6, but later, due to the pressure received from the organizers and the possible disqualification from the tournament due to upon the decision to cancel the press conferences, Naomi decided to retire before the second round match, which saw her opposed to Ana Bogdan.

In addition, the multiple Grand Slam champion was fined $ 15,000. She communicated her retirement di lei, with the return to the field at a later date, through the various social media. Osaka came back on the court in July at the Tokyo Olympics, where she was also the torchbearer who lit the Olympic brazier.

On that occasion she won in the first round against Zheng Saisai 6-1 6-4 and then against Viktorija Golubic 6-3 6-2. In the third round, however, she was defeated by Marketa Vondrousov for 1-6 4-6.