Reilly Opelka labels Daniil Medvedev's Toronto final performance as 'flawless'

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Reilly Opelka labels Daniil Medvedev's Toronto final performance as 'flawless'

American tennis player Reilly Opelka said Daniil Medvedev was "flawless" during their Toronto Masters final. Opelka, ranked at No. 23 in the world, was competing in his maiden Masters final. Unfortunately for Opelka, Medvedev's experience prevailed as the Russian booked a 6-4 6-3 win to clinch his fourth Masters title.

”He [Medvedev] was flawless,” Opelka said, per the ATP website. “I had one chance to break early. I don't think that would have changed much because he was in so many of my service games. When I hit some big shots, he countered well and it was very tough to disrupt him at all.

“I have learned a lot about myself. I learned that the difference between some matches is so small, you've just really got to be optimistic. I was playing Lloyd Harris a couple days ago on the back court, and the guy was red hot.

Returning unbelievably, playing well, not missing a ball. I could have lost there and still had a pretty good week, two good wins, on to the next one. ”But I stayed the course, stayed optimistic, and I came up with some clutch shots.

Next thing you know I win that, I beat Roberto Butista Agut, I beat Tsitsipas, [and it] ends up being a longer week. I think this week was a great example of using that optimistic mindset as much as possible. Look [at] what this does for my ranking."

Opelka couldn't do anything against Medvedev

Medvedev saved three break points in the fourth game, before claiming the lone break of the first set in the following game. In the second set, Medvedev broke Opelka twice to clinch a straight-set win.

"It's hard to disrupt him, hard to hurt him, hard to really hurt him,” Opelka said. “Medvedev is top three best returners in the world, you could say. I'd say especially for a big guy, maybe he's No.

2 behind Novak for like a server like myself, because he's long. “He can afford to stand far back, because he's lanky. He has like a really long reach. He's got a good wingspan… Yeah, and he's fast.

He's a good athlete… As fast as he is he's able to get out of the corners quick, he's able to play deep back in the corner to me. Yeah, it's tough. There's not many answers when he's on like he was today”.