Daniil Medvedev: Becoming No. 1 not easy with Novak Djokovic around

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Daniil Medvedev: Becoming No. 1 not easy with Novak Djokovic around

World No. 2 Daniil Medvedev has underlined that overtaking Novak Djokovic at No. 1 will not be easy. Medvedev reached a career-high ranking of No. 2 in the world this season and his next goal is to become the world No. 1. "Well, to be honest, to become the No.

1, with Djokovic it’s not easy because he’s winning almost all the matches and all the Grand Slams,” Medvedev said, per Tennis head. “So you need to beat him in the final. Maybe if I would have beaten him (in Australian Open), I would be much closer.

But he beat me, so that’s the reality." Medvedev is hoping to win this week's Toronto Masters and then next week's Cincinnati Masters. “I just want to try to play my best tennis. You know, if you win two Grand Slams in a year and two Masters, you’re going to be No.

1. That’s what you need to try to aim for, and so of course I want to be No. 1, but, yeah, I need to win big tournaments and big titles for this. That’s what I’m trying to do,” the Russian added.

Djokovic having a dominant season

If Djokovic wins the US Open, he will capture a Calendar Grand Slam.

"I am part of a team that writes history. If Djokovic wins the US Open this year and collects all four Grand Slams in the same year, he enters immortality, the rank of Rod Laver, although it is much harder to achieve such success in the 21st century than in Laver's time when It was not easy for him, five or six years ago no one could have imagined that Novak would be in a position to make this historic feat.

I still don't know what happened there. The whole world crucified him because of six cases of the coronavirus and today we are looking forward to when there are only a thousand of them," Ivanisevic told Jutarnji. Ivanisevic claimed Djokovic "killed everything" his competition did.

"It seems to me that it is not desirable to have an opinion today. The world should go for the better, but we are going in the opposite direction. If in the 21st century you can't say what you think, it's a disaster.

Novak does not fit into that western mold in which everything is arranged. He came from the Balkans where nothing was arranged and conquered them all. He killed everything they have done so far and became the best tennis player of all time. He will soon prove it statistically and of course that many don't like him because of that," Ivanisevic said.