Srdjan Djokovic attacks Wimbledon organizers: "They are horrible people"

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Srdjan Djokovic attacks Wimbledon organizers: "They are horrible people"
Srdjan Djokovic attacks Wimbledon organizers: "They are horrible people" (Provided by Sport World News)

The numbers of Novak Djokovic throughout his career are indisputable and the Serbian champion, year after year, continues to collect incredible and precious records. In recent years Nole has literally dominated the circuit, reaching the Slam record of the great rivals Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal and beating the other two members of the Big Three in some records.

We cannot forget that last March Novak overtook Roger Federer in the record of weeks at the top of the ATP rankings and in case of victory at Flushing Meadows, a tournament that will start next August 30th, Novak Djokovic can make tennis history.

In fact, he may be the first since Rod Laver and therefore the first player in the Open era to win all four Grand Slam events. This season saw Nole fail the Olympic Games goal that would have kept him in the running for the Golden Slam (something achieved only in women's tennis by Steffi Graf) but the Serbian champion has just returned from his sixth success at Wimbledon and above all his twentieth Slam at Wimbledon.

Srdjan Djokovic's attack on Wimbledon

Compared to the past, this time in Nole's box there were no parents of the Serbian champion, Srdjan and Dijana Djokovic and this decision certainly did not make the father of the Balkan tennis legend happy.

Recently Srdjan had harsh words, through the Serbian media, towards the organizers of the Wimbledon tournament: "It was not nice not to go to the pits, when I am in Novak's box I play every ball with him. My wife and I wanted to come to Wimbledon but the organizers did not allow it, due to the strict protocols.

I think these are horrible people, they did not allow us parents to go and see him that week because we had to face quarantine while the stadium was full and there were 15-16 thousand people to attend the match " Yesterday through the social networks Novak Djokovic announced that he will not participate in the Masters 1000 in Cincinnati (where he was reigning champion) and will instead work towards the Us Open, a tournament that could open the doors of the Grand Slam to him.

Roger Federer's parents praised their son

A few days before his 40th birthday, Roger Federer's parents Robert and Lynette gave a nice interview to Blick magazine. His dad Robert said: "Roger Federer looks a lot like me physically.

I think he has inherited many traits from me, it is so evident". Then Mom Lynette intervened: "From meshe probably received the discipline and the desire to move. Perhaps also his talent for hitting the ball." Not even his parents imagined seeing him still on the court at 40.

Lynette said: "He has always followed his instinct and his love for sport. In addition, his physique has held up quite well despite the repeated stresses of the past 25 years." Robert Federer's father added about his amazing son: "It's great that he still lives for tennis.

He tried very hard to recover his condition after knee operations, I found it truly admirable. Roger continues to live his dream, we respect him without ever getting too much in the way." Lynette also said: "Roger Federer has always been a fun, active guy who had lots of friends around him.

It was immediately evident that he wanted to play sports. It didn't matter who he was. Skateboarding, biking, ping pong or squash, he just liked to move. It was not an obligation for him unlike many other children, he did it with pleasure.

People have always been amazed by his exceptional talent and naturalness with which hit the ball from a very young age. However, we never imagined such a success." His father Robert added: "We never had the thought that he was going to be a champion of the sport.

We always behaved normally, letting things run as smoothly as possible." The next months for Roger Federer will be crucial after giving up the Masters 1000 in Toronto and Cincinnati. The former world number 1 suffered a knee relapse during the grass season, having had to give up the Tokyo Olympics and the dream of winning the gold medal in singles.

His participation in the last Grand Slam of 2021, the US Open, seems far from obvious, considering that the King has played only five tournaments this year. Several fans and insiders believe that the 20-time Grand Slam champion is seriously thinking about retiring, thanks to a physicist who doesn't want to leave him alone.

The Swiss legend played his last match at Wimbledon, where he surrendered in the quarter-finals to a wild Hubert Hurkacz. The bagel handed to him by the Pole in the third set had alarmed his countless fans, who had never seen him so helpless on Center Court.