Nadal criticized Djokovic, and then praised him for tennis

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Nadal criticized Djokovic, and then praised him for tennis

A good part of the planet and a huge number of Western media waited for the resultant collapse of Novak Djokovic, to start the fire. They take his words out of context, try to manipulate millions of readers, even pour racism on him as if he called out gymnast Simone Biles (and there was no talk of her at the conference!) And they could hardly wait for Novak's outbursts of anger in the match for third place against Carreno Busta.

A racket was thrown into the stands, and then another one was broken on the net in the moments when he wanted to get rid of his frustration because of the bad game, they were greeted with a knife. That is how Rafael Nadal was immediately asked about Djokovic's behavior in Tokyo at the press conference before the tournament in Washington.

The Spaniard said that he did not like what Novak did. Nadal believes that Djokovic, as the world's number one and role model for many children around the world, should avoid the behavior he showed in the match against Carreno Busta in Tokyo.

"I appreciate that Nole apologized after that, but situations like this should be avoided. Especially people like Djokovic who are role models for children." "He is the world number one and one of the best in history. Luckily, no one was in the stands and nothing more happened.

But some things happen from time to time and should be avoided." "When such things happen, then a beautiful picture is not sent to the world. It is strange that someone who is so successful reacts in such a way from time to time.

But in the end, he is a very competitive athlete and that is why he reacts like that, "said Nadal.

4th Grand Slam

When asked if he expects Novak to win the fourth Grand Slam of the season in a month in New York, the Spaniard answered: "He has already won three.

And when he won three why not four? I have no dilemma that he can do that. It is played on a hard surface which is his best." "Of course, that is difficult because there will be more guys who want to win the Grand Slam title, but he is the favorite.

What he has achieved this season is something amazing. And that's why I believe he can reach the calendar slam. " He reiterated that he was glad that his compatriot Pablo Carreno Busta won bronze in Tokyo. "I am very happy for him and for Spain.

Pablo will remember this victory for the rest of his life because it is an unforgettable moment. For me, Olympic gold is a very special success. "