Nick Kyrgios: I feel I have been quite iconic in tennis

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Nick Kyrgios: I feel I have been quite iconic in tennis

Australian tennis star Nick Kyrgios is excited about playing at this week's Citi Open in Washington. Kyrgios, the 2019 Washington champion, is set to make his third appearance at the tournament. “I have always felt at home here.

I remember the first time I came to play the tournament, everyone welcomed me with hugs, it was like I was playing in Australia, so it made me feel very comfortable. I love the fans, I'm happy to see the city totally open and the crowds with full capacity, it's amazing.

You can feel that energy on the court, so it's great to have a packed stadium to enjoy it," Kyrgios said, as quoted on Punto de Break.

Kyrgios feels he has been iconic in tennis

“When I was young I didn't have any goals of winning Grand Slams or anything like that, I didn't love this sport.

That ended up turning into a good thing, I guess, as I beat the best on the Tour, even some titles. I feel like I have been quite iconic in the sport for the simple fact of doing things my way, now I see that the gap between tennis and basketball is not that wide.

At the moment I enjoy playing, it is pure fun, I like being with the fans, talking with them, knowing what they do. Some of the best memories of my career are with them," Kyrgios said. Kyrgios, a former world No. 13, has revealed that winning ATP titles and enjoying a high-ranking aren't his main goals anymore.

Nowadays, Kyrgios just wants to entertain fans and have fun on the court. Kyrgios, a six-time ATP champion, is now ranked at No. 77 in the world. “I go at my own pace, I'm not competing with anyone, I don't feel like I have to climb the rankings or win any tournaments.

I'm doing it my way and that's how I deal with it every day. Here I can come and cheer up all the fans with a simple practice, involving them and making them part of the tournament. At the beginning of my career I had coaches who would tell me what to do, how to do it, and how many to improve in the ranking.

Now, honestly, I don't think about any of this. I do what I want, I flow, I play some tournaments and I have fun when I can," Kyrgios added.