Ashleigh Barty on Novak Djokovic: That's pretty special what he is going for

Djokovic will complete a Calendar Grand Slam if he wins the US Open.

by Dzevad Mesic
Ashleigh Barty on Novak Djokovic: That's pretty special what he is going for

Australian tennis star Ashleigh Barty rejected to comment on Novak Djokovic's ouburst at the Tokyo Olympics. “I think you’ll have to ask him that one. Obviously he’s been through a lot over the last month or two but that’s certainly a question for him more than us,” Barty said, per

Barty, ranked at No. 1 in the world, admitted that she is not in Djokovic's league. “I think everyone’s in a unique circumstance. I think everyone goes through different feelings and different pressures on the court,” Barty said.

“I know Novak is certainly in a league above myself as to what he’s aiming for. He’s aiming for the Grand Slam this year, it hasn’t been done since Rod Laver a long, long time ago so I think that’s pretty special what he’s going for.

“But it’s really hard for me to comment on what he’s feeling just generally because I don’t know what that feels like."

Barty working on how to cope with pressure

“But I think for me, I continue to work on it with my team, my mental health, my mental focus, my composure – all of that is a massive part of my game as much as it is hitting tennis balls.

It’s a part of my game we try to focus on, we try to develop, we try and grow and learn every single time we’re on the court," Barty said. “But it’s also very unique to each player so it’s hard for me to comment on anyone else.

I just know from my experiences I try to learn as much as I can at every opportunity – the good, the bad and the in-between – every single experience I have on the tennis court is a learning opportunity and I think I take that as regularly as I can.

“We talk through it, we have a really open line of communication with my team and that’s a massive part of my game”. At the Tokyo Olympics, Djokovic said that pressure is a privilege. Djokovic, ranked at No.

1 in the world, arrived to Tokyo with the highest possible expectations but failed to win a medal. Reflecing on Novak Djokovic's comments, Barty said she agrees. “Absolutely pressure is privilege,” Barty said.

“When you’re an athlete in a really stressful environment at times, it’s challenging, it can be heartbreaking but it can also be euphoric."

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