Djokovic on Olympics: "I have the highest ambitions, I'm going for gold"

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Djokovic on Olympics: "I have the highest ambitions, I'm going for gold"
Djokovic on Olympics: "I have the highest ambitions, I'm going for gold" (Provided by Sport World News)

One of the rare trophies that Novak Djokovic has not had in his career so far is a gold medal at the Olympic Games. He won bronze in 2008 in Beijing, but now he will try to climb two steps higher in Tokyo, and in addition to the individual, he will also play in the mixed doubles competition, paired with Nina Stojanović.

On the eve of his trip to Japan, in front of a large number of media representatives, the world's best tennis player said what his goals are in the next twenty days. "I have the highest ambitions, I'm going for gold. It's no secret, it's a big goal and ambition since before the start of the season.

I set four grand slams and the Olympics." "The schedule is a bit tense because the grand slams are close to the Olympics, but I'm pretty good I had a lot of matches won, which infuses extra confidence and energy .." "When you play for your country it is the greatest honor and privilege.

These are probably the most beautiful moments that an athlete can experience." "I am part of an individual sport and there are rare opportunities when I can participate in the team competition. These are the Hopman Cup and the Davis Cup.

I managed to win both, but I miss the Olympic Games. I feel good and I am ready to win that as well," Djokovic pointed out, as quoted by mozzartsport


Many players from the top of the ATP list have canceled their participation, but Novak does not think that this will make it easier for him to run for gold.

"Although there are dismissals of players from the top, there are still a lot of them there. Medvedev, Tsitsipas, and Zverev are probably the three toughest opponents." "It's a long tournament, anything can happen. The final is played in three sets, but you have to reach the final.

Olympics bring expectations and emotions that are different from other tournaments. I have felt it before, but I will try to treat the Olympics like other tournaments, in order to keep my concentration. " The tournament in Tokyo comes after winning Wimbledon, which further strengthens the self-confidence of the Serbian ace, and when it comes to the Olympic Games, he says that the very atmosphere of the biggest sports competition makes him be the best he can be.

"This is the biggest sports show and nowhere you can experience that feeling like at the Olympics. You represent your country and compete with the best athletes in the world." "What sets the Olympics apart from any other sport is the fact that you are placed together with all other competitors from various sports.

Sharing time, eating and sleeping under the same roof, spending time together." "For me, this feeling is irreplaceable and gives me the wings for an individual career. Athletes, for example, prepare for the Olympics for four years and it is interesting to see how these they behave for days, what they eat, what they do ... We all share experiences and knowledge among ourselves ", stated Djokovic.