Novak Djokovic: Olympics are specific in terms of pressure, I felt it

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Novak Djokovic: Olympics are specific in terms of pressure, I felt it

World No. 1 Novak Djokovic claims he has had a good preparation for the Tokyo Olympics and he is excited to represent his country in Japan. Less than two weeks ago after winning his sixth Wimbledon title, Djokovic returned to the hard practice courts to prepare for the Tokyo Olympics.

“The schedule is really rough but I feel that my preparations were good,” Djokovic told reporters, per Tennis Majors. “Also, I won a lot of matches recently, which always gives you extra confidence and energy boost.

Playing for my country, it is the highest honour and privilege for me. I am an individual athlete, rarely we have the occasion to be a team. I am grateful because we were able to win the ATP Cup and Davis Cup, and I am missing Olympic gold now.

I have the highest ambitions in Tokyo, it is not a secret that I am aiming for the gold medal”.

Djokovic not taking the Olympics field for granted

Record 20-time Grand Slam champion Djokovic is the top favorite to win it all at the Tokyo Olympics but he insists winning it all won't be easy.

“Although some players from the top are not coming, there are also a lot of elite players fighting for medals: (Daniil) Medvedev, (Stefanos) Tsitsipas and (Alex) Zverev are among the favourites. They are the best, but it is a long tournament and anything can happen.

“Furthermore, Olympics are specific in terms of pressure, expectations and emotions – everything is different compared to other tournaments and I know that very well, I felt it on my own skin in the past. Therefore, I will try to approach the Olympics in the same way that I approach other tournaments, so that I can stay focused on my goal”.

Changing surface in such a short time after Wimbledon wasn't easy but Djokovic managed to do a good preparation. “I would not call the preparations unconventional, it is just about trying to do what was best in these circumstances, not everything can be ideal.

I am not only a tennis player, I am a father and a husband, so I need to dedicate myself to my family when I am not traveling; I am trying to find the right balance. As I have said, the preparations were great, I had a really good hitting partner, I am ready both fitness and tennis wise.

Furthermore, the weather was amazing, we practiced in a nice atmosphere, so that gave me positive energy as well”.