Zverev expects a gold medal at the Olympics!

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Zverev expects a gold medal at the Olympics!

If you look at the form from this year, the gold medal at the tennis tournament of the Olympic Games would be reserved for Novak Djokovic. But the sport is such that the best do not always win. Alexander Zverev is also counting on that, who sees himself as one of the favorites for the medal in Tokyo.

And one of the few players who publicly says he can’t wait to perform at the Games. "I'm going to Tokyo to fight for a medal for Germany. That does not mean that I will definitely win it, but I see myself as one of the favorites for the medal ", said Zverev for the German media.

Although of Russian origin, the tennis player born in Hamburg wants to bring a medal to his homeland. "I love Germany. And I have always loved playing for my country very, very much. Emotions carry me even more when you know that someone at home is cheering for you "

Zverev is also aware of who will be the number one candidate for gold, although he does not lack optimism even before a possible duel with Djokovic. "In order to beat Djokovic, you have to be able to do things that most tennis players can't.

You have to run as much as he does, to move in that way and in the end to overcome him." "If you play the same as him, you will lose. You have to be better for the class to win against him. And I consider myself someone who can do that.



The German is not afraid of the pressure of great expectations in front of Tokyo. "The best players always feel some kind of pressure. To me, that’s a positive thing. Because, only then do you become aware that you are one of the best in the world ", resonates Alexander Zverev.

There will be no Nadal, Federer, Thiem at the Games, but there will be Djokovic, Zverev, Medvedev, Rublev, so the tennis tournament will be of sufficient quality and worth following. In any case, we can expect a great tournament, regardless of the fact that there will not be some of the top players.

This is a great chance for young players to show what they know and to try to bring a medal to their country. Although Djokovic is certainly a huge favorite, we should not neglect other young players who could make a turning point in their careers at the Olympic Games.