Ivanisevic: "Coaching Novak Djokovic can be really brutal"

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Ivanisevic: "Coaching Novak Djokovic can be really brutal"

In these days the former Croatian tennis player Goran Ivanisevic will be awarded and will join the Tennis Hall of Fame in Newport. Through the microphones of tennis.com Ivanisevic told all his adventures and revealed in particular the differences from his history as a tennis player and as a coach, especially when you are the coach of Novak Djokovic.

The former tennis player clarified the main differences between the two roles, also explaining where he feels best. Here are his words: "It is much easier to be a tennis player than a coach although in the end I think I can say that I am a better coach than the tennis player.

I had the privilege of working and winning the Grand Slam alongside great players, my first Grand Slam next to a tennis player was at the US Open 2014 with Marin Cilic, it's a tournament I will never forget. Overall I lived an unforgettable journey together with Cilic, Milos Raonic, Tomas Berdych and now with Novak Djokovic, perhaps the best tennis player in the history of this sport.

You learn a lot from everyone and being a coach makes you better. In general it is a stressful job, people think that working with Novak Djokovic is easy but it is not. I would give you my job for a week and I want to see if you want to give it back to me!

It is brutal to work with a holding athlete, it is incredible but also very demanding. The only thing that matters is winning, if you get to the final it's not enough. It is impressive as stress, but I am aware that I have chosen this job.

It forces me to learn more, to be a better coach and a better person. Despite all this role I enjoy a lot On the famous Ivanisevic Method:" It's not that I don't like statistics but sometimes we overestimate them a bit.

If I put millions of data in Novak Djokovic's archive they can help him but even make it frustrate. We always have to find a way to be better, so far our relationship works perfectly and we understand each other in a wonderful way."

Marian Vajda: "Djokovic deserves respect, he's a champion"

One of Novak Djokovic's secrets is Marian Vajda. The historical coach of the Serbian champion has been an integral part of his life for more than fifteen years.

Their collaboration began before the Roland Garros 2006 and, barring a short break, it never ended. Vajda has been part of Djokovic's team in all 20 Grand Slam tournaments they have won and, today, continues to follow his pupil as if it were the first time with the help of Goran Ivanisevic.

Vajda gave an interesting interview to Tennis Majors; interview in which he talked about Djokovic's popularity and dominance. "I feel that no one has tested Djokovic to the fullest. For the final I told my family that four sets would be played with a tie-break; my prediction was right.

Novak plays smart on grass and has a lot of experience, he has excelled on this surface for years, and that was a big advantage against Matteo Berrettini. For Matteo it was difficult, it was his first Grand Slam final. Ivanisevic? As a team we share every moment: preparation for a match, analysis and more.

We share a passion for tennis and important private matters with our families. Novak is an amazing guy, because he always brings positive energy. It's a real luck to be part of his team." Vajda then focused on the rapping between Djokovic and the media: "It's complicated.

The media write what they want, perhaps to influence someone. Sometimes they don't see the complexity of Djokovic's personality. He is great, a positive person who brings energy to the viewers. The crowds are in favor of the underdogs because he is so dominant and nobody wants to see him win.

He is so dominant that people are jealous when he sees perfection and wonders how it is possible. I think he is an example. His level of play is not a miracle: there is a lot of work behind it. I think Novak is a great example for the younger generation of athletes and for people in general.

I would like to see more balance when it comes to Djokovic. The media promote Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, as well as the new generations. Good things have also been written about Novak, but from my point of view he deserves better media coverage, he is a true champion."