Djokovic: "I consider myself the best and I believe that I am the best"

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Djokovic: "I consider myself the best and I believe that I am the best"

Novak Djokovic climbed the tennis Olympus today by winning the 20th Grand Slam title in his career. Many rightly consider him the best tennis player of all time and he does not run away from that. At the press conference after winning Wimbledon, he touched on the topic of the greatest of all time.

"I consider myself the best and I believe that I am the best, otherwise I would not talk about winning Grand Slams and making history. Whether I am the best of all time or not, I leave that discussion to others."

"It is difficult to compare tennis eras. We have different rackets, technology, balls, pitches. It is difficult to compare today's tennis with that of 50 years ago. " Novak does not hide that the rivalry with Federer and Nadal got the best out of him.

“I have progressed in every aspect of my game, as well as in terms of mental strength. Now I know how to fight the pressure, how to finish the match. If I have to choose one thing that I have advanced the most in, it is the ability to deal with pressure."

"The more matches you play, the more experience you have. The more experience you have, the more you believe in yourself. Then you win more. It's all connected…" "I feel that years are just a number for me.

I don't feel old now. Of course, some things change and you have to adapt to them. But, when I look at my entire career, I am now the most complete player. "


He has broken many records so far and will still break them.

"I started thinking about the number of Grand Slams in the first place, probably two or three years ago. It used to seem to me that it was all out of range." "I have always believed that I can play the best tennis at Grand Slams.

I know I’ve shown in the past that I have a game for all surfaces." "But only in the last two and a half, three years, I realized that I would reach the first place in the number of weeks, which was my primary goal.

It is unbelievable that I, as well as the number of GS titles, managed to achieve that in the same year " As for today's final, he says that at some moments he was too defensive. "It's not good when you lose the first set, but I just wanted it to end so I could play the way I want.

That happened in the introductory games of the second set, I felt much better." " Of course, there were equal games in the third set, he had a chance to come back. But I felt I was in control of the situation on the field."

"It’s always hard when you’re playing on the grass against a good server like Matteo. I was aware that a great challenge awaited me. I may have been too defensive at times, but that's because of the role this match played. "