Wimbledon 2021: Roger Federer beats Sonego and gets the quarterfinals!

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Wimbledon 2021: Roger Federer beats Sonego and gets the quarterfinals!

Roger Federer qualified for the quarterfinals of Wimbledon 2021. The Swiss Maestro takes another step to the final of the Championships: he beats Lorenzo Sonego in three sets (7-5, 6-4, 6-2) and gives himself another chance at Center Court.

Sonego is pheraps too fragile, probably a little too excited, certainly not technically complete to worry even this version, rusty, dusty, but still regal, of the Swiss champion. Roger closes the challenge in three sets and projects to the quarter-finals becoming the oldest to join them in the tournament tournament bypassing Ken Rosewall.

For a place towards a semifinal that, at the dawn of forty years, would be legendary, the Swiss still does not know his opponent because Hurkacz and Medvedev were interrupted by the rain and will resume tomorrow with the Russian leading two sets to one.

The start is that of a racing Federer: he concedes nothing to the service, makes the general rehearsal of the break at 2-2 - failing three break points where, however, Sonego's merits are more, and puts his head forward in the seventh game passing to collect a game filled with 4 rather serious mistakes by the Turin tennis player.

When everything seemed set for Federer's 6-4, the Swiss returned the favor by conceding, all together, the first points to the service: counterbreak to zero and set again in a draw. The eleventh game becomes a mini-thriller: Sonego gets resumed from 40-0, cancels two break points, wastes others from 6-5 and, on Federer's advantage, the rain interrupts the matter.

22 minutes pass and he resumes under the retractable roof of the Center Court and the Turin-born resumes with a double fault, delivering the break to the Swiss again. Federer tries to get himself into trouble alone with three forehand mistakes that give Sonego 15-40, but this time he is perfect to mend the disadvantage and nail the score of a complex first set to 7-5.

Federer is still to give the first punch also in the second set: at 2-2 the Swiss reveals Sonego's limits when he is forced to venture to the net; at 30-30 the blue buries a not impossible volley, in the following point it is Federer who finds the right hole to go straight and escape in the second set.

In the third the Swiss's paw even reaches the opening and then the road to the 105th victory at the Championships and the quarter-final number 18 (!) Is all downhill: Lorenzo sinks into another break that marks the end of his day on the Center Court, finished a little further on 6-2.

On Court no.1 a surprise is consumed in the middle. Felix Auger Aliassime beats in five sets and four hours an Alexander Zverev with a crooked moon and plenty of double faults (20 at the end of the match) who, however, seemed to have resumed an almost lost game by winning third and fourth sets after losing the first ones (where however, he was always ahead of a break).

The German does not complete the comeback and the Canadian takes advantage of it by proving to be that excellent player that the curriculum promises. Canada will therefore have two representatives among the eight strongest on Church Road and, above all, Auger-Aliassime will be the obstacle between Matteo Berrettini and the semi-finals. A single precedent between the two won by the Italian who will inevitably have to play the role of the favorite.