Nick Kyrgios: Fans want entertainment and I give it to them

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Nick Kyrgios: Fans want entertainment and I give it to them

Former world No. 13 Nick Kyrgios was happy that he managed to beat Gianluca Mager 7-6 (7) 6-4 6-4 and progress into the Wimblwdon third round. "[Winning] the first set was huge... I reckon he went out there with a game style knowing, 'If I play my normal game style, I'm going to get crushed,'" Kyrgios said.

"So he played a game style where he didn't even let me get into rallies much. He was serving big on first and second, trying to get the first strike in whenever he could. He was hitting massive off both sides. "I finally just leveled myself.

I even prepared myself. I said, 'If I lose this first set, I'm not doing anything wrong.' Mentally, I was like, 'I'm just going to continue to go out there, keep serving. I'll get my chance.' "

Kyrgios enjoyed playing in front of a packed crowd

"Obviously the fan base is awesome.

I think the people are just excited to see tennis again, at the end of the day," he said. "Like crowds seeing Wimbledon, it didn't seem half capacity like the crowds I played in front of. Yesterday against Humbert full, that stadium full.

Pretty cool." Kyrgios will be battling Felix Auger-Aliassime for a place in the Wimbledon round-of-16. "I feel like when [fans] come to my matches now, they know how I am," Kyrgios said. "I'm quite lighthearted.

They know it's a bit of a show. They just want entertainment at the end of the day. Like a couple screaming out asking normal questions about Tottenham Hotspur. It's a bit odd. It's crazy out there." M Meanwhile, Roger Federer overcame Richard Gasquet in straight sets.

“I know Richard really well," said Federer. "We’ve played so many times against each other. It’s always a pleasure playing against him. He’s got the most wonderful backhand… It was a wonderful match for me.

I was really happy with my performance today. A tough first set and a great second set. I was just a little bit better in the third. I’m very, very happy, of course. “It’s not the most important to feel your absolute best in the first and second rounds.

What you don’t want to do is go out. Because then you’ve got to really look at everything and question yourself. I’m not there. I’m in the third round, I’m really happy with my level right now. Today was special, so I’m very happy with that”.