Alex de Minaur: Next generation is getting closer to winning Grand Slams

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Alex de Minaur: Next generation is getting closer to winning Grand Slams

Rising Australian star Alex de Minaur believes the younger generation is getting closer and closer to winning the Grand Slams. At this past French Open, Greek Stefanos Tsitsipas was up by two sets in the final before world No.1 Novak Djokovic recovered to win the title.

“They are definitely knocking on those doors and beating these top guys in these tournaments,” de Minaur said, per the ATP website. “When it comes to winning the Grand Slams, obviously we have had Novak win the past couple.

Look, I think we're getting closer and closer. “I know everyone out there is gunning to be the next Grand Slam champ, and to try to make that big step. All the players are out there, they are doing everything they can to make that step, and take over”.

De Minaur insists the younger generation is getting closer

“I think a lot of it is experience, as well. Every time we get to play those matches, we get to learn a lot and improve and lose respect for these type of players.

That's only a good thing, because that means we can go out there and try to play like it's just another match, and more times than not, we'll end up playing a better match, and if not win, get really close,” de Minaur said.

“Time is obviously on our side, and every match, every day that goes by, we have a bit more of a chance. But saying that, it's definitely not done yet. They are bringing up some incredible tennis to this day, so it's going to be completely tough.

But, I think we're all ready for the challenge,” de Minaur added. De Minaur, who is enjoying a career-high ranking of No. 18 in the world, kicked off his grass season last week in Queen's. De Minaur enjoyed a solid campaign in Queen's as he made the semifinal, before losing to eventual champion Matteo Berrettini.

“I'm very happy with my week at Queen's. I feel like I have been gradually improving every week on the grass,” de Minaur said. “The grass season is always one of my favourite parts of the year. I'm enjoying my time in the UK.

“I have always enjoyed the grass. I think it suits my game. I'm able to be a bit more aggressive. I'm able to use my movement, and try to sneak in and come to the net a lot. I just always like the quicker-paced courts”.