Coach Carlos Moya reveals why Rafael Nadal is skipping Wimbledon and Olympics

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Coach Carlos Moya reveals why Rafael Nadal is skipping Wimbledon and Olympics

Coach Carlos Moya revealed that Rafael Nadal is feeling a bit mentally exhausted so they decided not to play Wimbledon and the Tokyo Olympics. Instead, Nadal will take his time to rest and then prepare for the hard-court swing.

Nadal last played at the French Open, where he suffered a four-set loss in the semifinal against eventual champion Novak Djokovic. "Two years ago, Rafa reached a point of big mental exhaustion which was hard to get out of.

Now, he felt he was close to that point again. He can’t allow himself not to be 100% at a Slam," Moya said, per Sasa Ozmo.

Nadal suffered a disappointing loss

Nadal, a 13-time French Open champion, was aiming to win a record 14th title at Roland Garros.

“That’s sport,” Nadal said after losing to Djokovic. “Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. I tried to give my best…. I had the big chance with set point, 6-5, second serve. That’s it. Anything could happen in that moment.

“Probably was not my best day out there. Even if I [fought], that I put a lot of effort, I mean, the position on the shots [wasn’t] that effective tonight. Against a player like him that takes the ball early, you are not able to take him out of his positions, then is very difficult, no?….

These kind of mistakes can happen. But if you want to win, you can’t make these mistakes. So that’s it. Well done for him. [It was] a good fight out there. I try my best, and today was not my day. “(It) is true that probably the conditions were a little bit slower later on.

We had been playing with very warm and high bounces. During the night the situation goes a little bit the other way, no? So bounce a little bit less. The ball gets less topspin. That’s more favorable for him, the conditions.

By the way, doesn’t matter. That’s tennis. The player who get used to the conditions better is the player who deserves to win. So no doubt he deserved to win”. Nadal didn't wan't to panic after losing to Djokovic.

“It’s not a moment to be pleased,” Nadal concluded, “but it’s not a moment to create drama. You can sit in the middle…. I’m not the kind of man celebrating a lot when I win. On the other hand I’m not the kind of person who makes drama when I lose”.