Roland Garros 2021: Rafael Nadal reached the semifinal!

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Roland Garros 2021: Rafael Nadal reached the semifinal!

Rafael Nadal reached the semifinal of the Roland Garros 2021 by beating the Argentinian Diego Schwartzman with the final score of 6-3 4-6 6-4 6-0. Nadal, presumably against Djokovic, will play the thirty-fifth Grand Slam semi-final of his career.

The fourteenth in career. And the Slam number twenty-one is missing exactly two wins. Schwartzman tries to stay attached to the bottom line, to anticipate the impact with the backhand and above all to cut Nadal's time during the prolonged exchanges.

El Peque finds weapons that are sufficiently valid to stop the gap at 15-30 in the opening round, cancels an almost desperate situation of 15-40 at 2-1, but does not defend at 3-2. The Spanish champion, less cynical than usual, condenses the vast majority of unforced errors and finds himself at 0-40 when with the joke available he has the chance to strengthen the advantage.

Schwartzman finds himself once again at 0-40 in the immediately following game. Nadal, who quarrels a little with the break points, raises the trajectories in an attempt to challenge the Argentine tennis player to push and at the fourth useful opportunity definitively breaks the balance.

Unresponsive from the scoring situation, and obviously from the monster that is present on the opposite side of the net, the Argentine tennis player adopts a tactical plan with no reservations. The result? 3-0. Nadal immediately restores the lead, piles up four unforced errors at 4-4 and wastes a 30-0 situation in the tenth game.

Called to cancel a set point, the Spanish champion tries the short ball out of the service and completely blocks the next passerby. Nadal, vulnerable from the baseline, cannot find solutions on the right diagonal and open the field with the forehand.

Not even to become dangerous in the response rounds, so to speak. Even he is unable to move the zero from the point box between the fifth and seventh game and needs to go back from 15-30 to 2-3. Schwartzman, who does not make any particular changes to the design, remains with his feet stuck to the bottom line and covers the field in a celestial manner.

In the moment of maximum difficulty, a situation with a score of four-even, the Spanish champion raises his trajectories and above all looks almost obsessively for the forehand. Shot that as per the logic of things gives the first two fifteen.

With character, ringworm and anger, Nadal finds the automatisms with the forehand and with the serve-forehand scheme he wins three of the last four points of the set. With the gasoline needle very close to zero, Schwartzman does what he can.

Little in the vast majority of cases. Nadal leaves just five points on the road. Obviously zero game.