Kim Clijsters returns to the tennis courts

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Kim Clijsters returns to the tennis courts

Kim Clijsters returns to the tennis courts after a 7-year break. She has already played a couple of matches where she won the title. She even won against Sofia Kenin "I'm really happy to see her back on the court healthy and playing well," Kenin, who grew up idolizing the Belgian star, said after their match.

"I'm truly happy that she came back. It shows that it doesn't matter what age you're at, you always can come back and do what you do best. She's in great shape and playing really well." Before the start of Indian Wells she says she felt great and gained confidence but COVID-19 prevented the season from continuing "By the time Indian Wells came around, I was really starting to hit the ball well, and feel like I was getting to be where I wanted to be on the court," she said recently.

"I was thinking, 'This is the type of tennis I want to be playing' and really looking forward to playing there. But then obviously that didn't happen. A lot of people started asking me, 'Are you just going to retire again with all of this going on?' "But the thing is, I don't mind going home and training and being home with the kids.

I did wonder how I was going to feel, how I was going to stay motivated, but I've stayed very committed to it and overall my focus has been pretty good, surprisingly even. It's been a challenge, but I enjoy it. I've always loved playing tennis, and that hasn't changed."

Clijsters and the Wild card

She received a wild card for two tournaments to be played soon, but without an audience "I'm excited to get to New York and play," she said. "I haven't played a full singles match [at WTT] or full doubles match, but I've played a lot of sets and I felt good.

Obviously playing an official tournament again is the next step. It's going to be strange with no fans, and I've always enjoyed playing in front of a crowd -- especially those night matches at the US Open where there is such different energy -- but it's still going to be a tennis match and you're still going to have your coach and somebody there to support you."

Kim hopes she can still show what she knows and will fight to convince others of it as well. "This isn't for the outside; this really is for me," she said. "It's more a drive within me, where I know where I want to get to.

And that's what has been the motivation for this, because I feel like I can still play some really good tennis. That's what gave me the push to go for it. If I didn't feel like, or if I didn't have that confidence that I could still play good tennis, then I would have never started this. "I know I still have good tennis left in me."