Can Roger Federer skip Roland Garros 2021 4th round?

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Can Roger Federer skip Roland Garros 2021 4th round?

After beating Dominik Koepfer in the 3rd round of the Roland Garros 2021, Roger Federer said in the press conference that Monday, for his round of 16 match against Matteo Berrettini, he is not sure to play. Federer said: "I have to think about which is the best choice in view of what lies ahead.

We'll see how I feel tomorrow. I didn't expect to win three games here honestly and I didn't know how much gas I still had in the tank when I found myself a set. even. Certainly it was a good fight. " Federer generally plays Roland Garros as an approach stage for the Wimbledon tournament which starts next June 28, with the Halle grass tournament in the middle in the week of June 14-20.

Given the upcoming 40 years it is now clear that the Swiss must deal with the rumors of retirement but Roger has repeatedly clarified that at the moment he does not think about it and that as happened to the champions of the past he has no obligation that his last match is remembered at all costs.

On this issue, the Swiss in a recent interview stated: "I have recently started training again, every time the shock on the body is always immense but after this long absence it was really difficult to enter training mode.

Retirement? I don't think it has to be perfect, I don't think I have to win something big. The important thing is that it will go as I say, I have to like it and that's what counts. People don't remember the last races of John McEnroe and Stefan Edberg, actually none are.

In the end they only remember that they were great tennis players and that they won Wimbledon and many other great tournaments."

Roland Garros 2021: Roger Federer got the 4th round

After a battle lasting almost four hours, Roger Federer qualifies for the 4th round of the Roland Garros 2021 and he wins the match against the Italian number one Matteo Berrettini.

The Swiss is certainly not in his best version, in some ways he is really disappointing but even when he seemed on the verge of collapsing he reacts and wins an exciting victory with the result of 7-6 6-7 7-6 7-5, beating in a thrilling challenge Dominik Koepfer.

Roger has the first two break points of the set but does not take advantage of them, in the next game it is Koepfer's turn but the situation remains the same. Federer touches the break several times, he also sees a set point canceled but the natural order of things seems to lead to the tiebreak where Roger gets the decisive minibreak on 5 to 4 and closes the first set on the second occasion.

In the second set the Swiss drops in intensity and above all wastes so many opportunities to close the match. On two occasions he takes a break, but does not appear to be able to close as evidenced by the break immediately to zero in the sixth game, and even in this set in the end the tiebreak is reached.

Here the situation is totally different compared to the first set and Roger disputes a very negative tiebreak losing almost all the points in service and thus losing the set with the result of 7 to 3. The beginning of the third set seems agony with the Swiss broke down and Koepfer who immediately takes a break.

Roger increases the number of errors and seems in clear difficulty when almost inertia and thanks to a few champion shots he overturns the situation, recovers the break and also has a set point on 6 to 5. The fourth set sees Federer go ahead immediately by a break and seem so close to victory but the Swiss complicates his life, makes a few mistakes too many and suffers a counterbreak from the German.

It goes on until the eleventh game when Roger, on 5-5, has two break points and at the first opportunity wins the important break that gives him the victory.