Jo-Wifried Tsonga on Big Three: They will be best players ever

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Jo-Wifried Tsonga on Big Three: They will be best players ever

Jo-Wifried Tsonga underwent a back surgery last year and he admitted returning to the court afterward wasn't easy. Tsonga, 36, played only two matches last season. "It was really difficult,” Tsonga told The Guardian.

“I didn’t do sports for eight months and, of course, I lost all my physical capacity so [it was a success] to come back and to show a little step forward in my condition. To feel a little better. Because at the beginning I was not even able to play for 20 minutes.

I had to go through all this rehab, things that nobody likes. “For me to win again was already a big challenge because you’re trying to build something for 15 years and, in the end, during eight months without sports you kill everything”.

Tsonga, the 2008 Australian Open runner-up, admitted he is not able to play the way he used to play when he was younger. “When I play, I’m not able to do things like I did before in my career, especially physically,” Tsonga said.

“I have to change a few things on my movement, on my technique. I have to imagine another Jo, I would say. That’s what is difficult for me also”.

Tsonga happy to play in Big Three era

Tsonga has suffered many defeats against Novak Djokovic, Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal.

"I think I was fortunate to play with them. For me, it was an honour to play with them. At the end, they will be the best players ever. Four of them, because I consider Andy almost like them," Tsonga said. “Of course it was not easy to play with them.

In all tournaments, I had to play one on one round, and another one the day after, maybe another one the day after and maybe another one in the finals! It was difficult. I did one time in Toronto [in 2014]. When I won Toronto, I beat Andy, Novak and Roger in the row.

At the end I was completely sick, completely tired”. Tsonga has won only one and lost five matches this season. “I have to imagine another way to play, to win, and at the moment it’s not easy,” Tsonga said.

“I will continue to see how it goes and if it goes well, I would be happy to compete again and win. And if not, it’s going to be the end of a nice adventure”.