Jo-Wilfried Tsonga: "Rafael Nadal can become the GOAT"

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Jo-Wilfried Tsonga: "Rafael Nadal can become the GOAT"

Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal are currently paired at 20 Grand Slams each, after the Spanish champion completed the engagement by winning his umpteenth Roland Garros last year. The 39-year-old Swiss has been almost entirely absent in the past 15 months, having played just three matches in all of 2021.

Rafa will therefore have a great chance to overtake the next Roland Garros, which will start a week late due to the complex French health situation. King Roger, for his part, will try to fire one last shot at Wimbledon, where in 2019 he collected one of the most atrocious insults of his long career.

Federer and Nadal still have to watch their backs from Novak Djokovic, the youngest of the three, who pocketed the ninth Australian Open at the start of the season and who is now only two points behind the eternal rivals in the all-time standings.

After losing 6-3 to Tommy Paul in Lyon with a double 6-3, former Top 10 Jo-Wilfried Tsonga gave his opinion on the fight for the GOAT title. Tsonga said: "Considering that Rafael Nadal is five years younger than Roger Federer, what he has already achieved is absolutely exceptional.

Today we cannot exclude Rafa from the race for the title of best ever. If he were to overtake Roger in the Grand Slam classification, then it would be difficult to deny that we are facing the greatest of all time." Tsonga is in no doubt as to who the favorite at Roland Garros 2021 is, despite Nadal having had a few setbacks in recent weeks.

"Rafa will always be the number one candidate for victory in Paris, you can ask all the players in the world and they will give you the same answer. He has won 13 times in 15 years, it is something unimaginable. If there is a tournament in which we are always sure who is the favorite, that is Roland Garros."

Serena Williams: "Roger Federer is the best ever"

Serena Williams and Roger Federer are two of the greatest legends in tennis history, two athletes who have revolutionized the history of the sport. Soon both will turn 40 years-old, and yet they are still protagonists on the playing fields and all their fans get excited seeing them again on the court.

We have watched the come back of Serena Williams after a few months of absence at the Internazionali d'Italia and now Roger Federer will also come back on the court: at the geneva Open 2021, the Swiss Maestro was defeated in three sets by the Spanish tennis player Pablo Andujar, losing hi second match o the season.

For Federer this is only his second tournament in 2021 after returning to the ATP tournament in Doha in March, after more than a year off. In a recent interview, the American champion used beautiful words to praise the twenty-time Grand Slam champion.

Serena Williams was eliminated in the second round of the Emilia Romagna Open 2021, in Parma, by Katerina Siniakova, after she won her first round match against the very young Italian tennis player Lisa Pigato. Here are her words on Roger Federer: "When I see Roger I think and feel that he is the best of all.

Federer is a mix of greatness and class and it's amazing how he managed to change the game of tennis. Seeing players like him move is very nice and above all it's something that tennis needs. Roger Federer is a genius and when you see him you can't say you don't like the way he plays."

Roger Federer made his come back to the Doha tournament after 13 months of absences with the Swiss forced to stop due to a double surgery that had slowed his return to the court and thanks to the pandemic that certainly delayed the timing.

Roger Federer and Serena Williams should play ath the Roland Garros 2021, despite there is still some doubt about their presence in Paris: they could also choose to skip the Parisian Slam to focus their energies on teh grass-swing, especially on Wimbledon.