Roger Federer eliminated in Geneva, Serena Williams out in Parma

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Roger Federer eliminated in Geneva, Serena Williams out in Parma

At the WTA Parma Open 2021, Serena Williams fails to break down the resistance of Katerina Siniakova. The twenty-three-time Grand Slam champion lost with the final score of 6(4) -7 2-6. Fresh from a relatively good first set, in which she does not even exploit a chance for 6-4, Serena goes completely off.

Although she has a flicker in the boot. Siniakova, however, easily recovers the disadvantage break and with a much wider package of solutions (as well as a better physical condition) practically spreads. The American has time to move the score only in another case: emblematic of the final 7-6 (4) 6-2 that she matures at the threshold of two hours of play.

Waiting for the Czech Republic, returning from her fourth career victory against one of the top ten players in the world, will be Anna-Lena Friedsam and Caroline Garcia. At the ATP Geneva Open 2021, Roger Federer was unable to make it through the second round, after defeating Pablo Andujar in three sets, with the final score of 4-6 6-4 4-6.

Twenty-four months after the defeat against Rafael Nadal in Paris, Roger Federer returns to play on clay-courts, but the result does not change against Pablo Andujar. The Swiss champion, better with the backhand than with the forehand, negative in response, fluctuating with the service available, goes out one step away from the finish line.

On 4-2 during the deciding set. Andujar, who doesn't even need to resort to impossible tricks to build a comeback, on the threshold of two hours of play, grabs the victory of life thanks to three intense sets Federer, who had chosen the ATP 250 in Geneva as a test, should try again in Paris.

The conditional, however, is mandatory. In the first set, Federer does what he can. Little, in the vast majority of cases. The very Swiss champion, who does not find good support even from the first serve, is present without too much conviction even in the response rounds.

Andujar, who at the same time interprets the challenge perfectly, condenses the vast majority of the attention of the tenth game.
Federer, while not brilliant, manages to considerably limit the number of unforced errors and above all to acquire a certain awareness from the baseline.

Needless to say, the third game proves once again indigestible for Andujar: good, yes, to cancel the first two break points, not to subvert the fate of the most spectacular exchange of the match in the third case. Called to strengthen the advantage over 4-3, Federer pays a rather gross error with the backhand in the setting phase and above all two excellent responses from the Spaniard.

End. The Swiss champion completely loses the key to the problem, struggling to find support and above all the measures of the field. The finish is a completely necessary side dish. Andujar takes advantage of it in the best way and closes the case on the third useful opportunity. The most prestigious in her career.