Dominic Thiem thinks Roger Federer could win Grand Slam again

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Dominic Thiem thinks Roger Federer could win Grand Slam again
Dominic Thiem thinks Roger Federer could win Grand Slam again (Provided by Sport World News)

Austrian tennis star Dominic Thiem is happy to have Roger Federer back on the Tour as he believes that it's amazing to have the Swiss around.. Federer, who underwent two knee surgeries last season, returned to action in early-March.

Federer hasn't yet played this clay season but he is planning to play the French Open. "I guess pretty much everybody is missing him when he's not playing just because of his style, of the way he plays. I mean, in general he's a great guy.

It's amazing to have him around," Thiem said of Federer. "I'm also looking forward to French Open and Wimbledon to see him play again. With him, you know, he's just so good and has so unreal skills that I don't think it's that big of a problem if he's not playing for that long.

If he's physically 100% I guess that he can still go very deep in the tournament he participates."

Thiem thinks Federer could still win a Grand Slam

"I think so. Why not? I think otherwise he wouldn't be playing. He's too good.

He had I think too much success in the past also. I guess if he knows that he's not playing for the big titles any more, he wouldn't be playing. So I definitely expect him, especially in Wimbledon, that he can go very, very deep and also play for the title," Thiem said.

Thiem acknowledged that the younger generation is coming but underlined it's still extremely difficult to beat the Big Three at the Grand Slams. "Yeah, I think it's only about the Grand Slam tournaments mainly because from the moment when especially Sascha started to win the Masters 1000 events back in 2017, I think also since 2017 nobody of the big three won the Nitto Atp Finals any more, always younger guys.

There and the Masters 1000, it's a nice mix of the winners now. Of course, the Grand Slams are still dominated by the big three," Thiem added. "As it's way tougher to beat them, to win three sets against them, it's way more difficult of course than to win two.

That's one of the big reasons. But we have a lot of finals already in Grand Slam tournaments. I think in the near future it's also going to happen that somebody else is going to win them. "I also think a lot of people underestimate the time and the era we are playing in with by far the three best players in the history of the game.

I think it's more than clear that it's incredibly tough to win Grand Slam tournaments, having to beat most of the times two of them even."

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