Rafael Nadal: I did everything the rest of my friends did

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Rafael Nadal: I did everything the rest of my friends did

World No. 2 Rafael Nadal played against a couple of rising stars at the Madrid Masters and he believes the future of tennis is in good hands. Nadal handed a 6-1 6-1 loss to Carlos Alcaraz in the Madrid second round, before handing a 6-3 6-3 defeat to Australian Alexei Popyrin.

"Of course," Nadal said. "But at the same time always the future of tennis is in good hands because always going to be Grand Slam winners, always going to be Masters 1000 winners. That's the thing, no? "Today is true that there is a lot of young, good players.

Is something normal that is happening. And, yeah, I'm excited that at my age I am able to keep playing against all of them. They are good. They are talented. They have a great future, no? "For me is amazing to be where I am with my age competing with them still."

Nada happy with how his teenage years went

At the Madrid Masters, Nadal was asked if he had any regrets about missing things because of tennis in his teenage years. Nadal claimed he did all the things the rest of his friends did.

Nadal is one of the most accomplished players in tennis history and he has always been extremely dedicated to the game. "Sorry, but honestly I didn't," Nadal said. "I didn't miss the things that the rest of the friends of mine did.

I did less times, yes, but I was not the kind of guy or person that I was just focused on tennis, tennis, tennis every single day. I was practicing very hard, yes. I was focused when I was on court 100%. But outside of the court I enjoyed all my life, no? "I was able to do the things that my friends did, just I was not able to go for party every Friday and Saturday.

I was for party one Saturday every few weeks, but I had a lot of parties in my life, too. I went to the beach. I played football. I mean, I went to the cinema a lot of times. I spent time having dinners with the family, with everyone.

"I don't think I missed anything, honestly. The only thing that I can say, if they did 100 or 1,000 times, I did probably 100, that's all." Nadal made the Madrid quarterfinal before losing to Alexander Zverev.