Roger Federer ready to say goodbye Nike shoes for ..

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Roger Federer ready to say goodbye Nike shoes for ..

Roger Federer is ready for a big announcement in these days of rehabilitation and without tennis. The Swiss is having an important role as an business-man and he has started collaborating with On Running, a brand of running shoes.

To know exactly the project that On Running and Roger Federer have conceived, we will have to wait untill July 6th: a live streaming is scheduled in which an important announcement will be made. The Swiss Maestro will come back on the courts only in 2021 due to the second surgery on his right knee, which forced him to skip the entire second half of 2020.

The season is however compromised by the blocking of competitions due to the global pandemic and the cancellation of the entire grass-season, including Wimbledon. Swiss fans will therefore not have to wait long before they know what it is.

And Roger Federer himself tries to increase the suspense around what, in all likelihood, will be a new product that will bear the Swiss signature.

Roger Federer could definitely leave Nike shoes

The Swiss told: "On the July 6th will be the big announcement, the big launch.

We have been working on it for some time now and it is very exciting. It has been nice to have actively participated in this project. Ever since we started I have always had the desire to know the people who worked in the company.

Together we can do great things. I feel I can make a great contribution which with other great giants would not have been possible. It hasn't grown much in recent years and I'm sure it can do it again. We don't have to fly However, you have to stay focused.

On Runnung is a Swiss company and you know that if we do Swiss, we do it well, it's in our DNA." As for the outfit Roger Federer signed a 10-year contract with the Japanese brand UNIQLO during which he will earn $ 10 million a year, for a total of $ 300 million a year in 10 years.

This after parting with Nike. Federer has also recently been elected the sportsman with the most earnings in the world in one season: it is the first time that a tennis player has received this award. In his career Roger Federer won 20 Slams, of wich 8 Wimbledon, 5 US Open, 6 Australian open and 1 Roland Garos. In total he won 103 career titles.