Thiem: “I spent 15 years chasing the big goal without looking left or right"

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Thiem: “I spent 15 years chasing the big goal without looking left or right"

Thiem does not have such a successful 2021 for now. The goals he had don’t seem to have been achieved, but Thiem knows the reason for that. He thinks that he has focused too much on tennis and that he has neglected some other things that he wants to dedicate himself to now.

The pandemic seems to have brought changes to a large number of athletes. “I spent 15 years chasing the big goal without looking left or right,” Thiem said in the interview, adding: “In a way, some things have fallen by the wayside – the private life, dealing with other things, broadening the horizon.

You have to do something for your head, for your brain. There was only tennis. I want to change that a bit”. Thiem has good memories of Madrid given the good results in the past. The rest he had helped him and he seems to be maximally ready “The break was good,” said Thiem, as quoted by tennismajors “I also needed it.

But now it’s also time to be back. I think Madrid is a great place for me [and] I have only good memories of that tournament. Conditions are amazing for my game… I’m happy to be back here and hope that I can also play well.


Thiem believes that he needs to play with big names in order to achieve the best possible results at Roland Garros “My goal is to get a lot of matches against top players until Roland-Garros, to give myself the best chance possible there.

Once I arrive at Roland-Garros, I want to be in the best physical shape, in the best tennis shape, so I give myself the best chances to go deep there”. At the tournament in Paris, Thiem could play against Nadal, but he could also face Federer.

“I think he’s improving his game constantly,” Thiem said of the Spaniard. “He [has] improved every part of his game. That’s also what you need to do to be successful every year. That’s why he’s such a great role model”.

Thiem after a long break wants to reach his peak again and looks like he is in the best shape so far. He says that he trained in Austria and that he is committed to achieving the best possible results “I was preparing in Austria, doing a lot of physical practice, a lot of tennis practice,” he said. “I think that I’m on a good level…. I’m probably in better shape than 12 months ago”.