Stefanos Tsitsipas sets eyes on Madrid Masters title

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Stefanos Tsitsipas sets eyes on Madrid Masters title

Top-ranked Greek tennis player has had a major start to the clay season and now he is hoping to continue his success at the Madrid Masters. Tsitsipas, ranked at No. 5 in the world, collected his maiden Masters title in Monte Carlo before he finished runner-up to Rafael Nadal in the Barclona Open final.

“I wanted to have a good kickstart like this. So far it's looking good. I'm [on] the right track,” Tsitsipas said. “It has helped me to be at the top of the [FedEx ATP] Race To Turin. It's important to have such an important head start.

Of course, it adds a lot to confidence and [I am] feeling better on court than ever before”. After taking a week off, Tsitsipas is set to return to action in Madrid. “I have to get these matches going, produce better tennis.

We'll have to fight again. It's a new week for me. It will [be] a new week for me in Rome. All these tournaments are important. They carry a lot of points,” Tsitsipas said. “These tournaments are kind of opportunities for me to pursue something better.

Right now I'm in the lead of the Race to Turin, which is very important for me. I want to conserve that and finish the year perhaps in the top three. That would be a good, fair goal for me for this year”.

Tsitsipas wants to win it all in Madrid

“My expectations, I won't lie to you, [are] to come as close to my result [from two years ago], which was [reaching] the final.

I'm really pumped for this week, for the next week as well. I feel like I'm getting close. I feel like I can create opportunities and maybe get to [World] No. 4,” Tsitsipas said. “It’s something that has been in my mind.

I don't think there's something wrong with [that], mainly because I've been working hard, I've been putting a lot of work in. I feel like that's my opportunity to do something different”. Tsitsipas had a match point against Nadal in the Barcelona final but failed to convert.

“Probably that I will have to go for more at certain times during a match and not wait as much for him to give me something or wait for an opportunity from his side,” Tsitsipas said. “Sometimes I feel like I was too passive, thinking about it now.

I could have risked a bit more. I could have probably done a few more unpredictable things that could have led to something different”.