Bouchard:" When everything’s going great, people love you"

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Bouchard:" When everything’s going great, people love you"

Eugenie Bouchard has been receiving obscene messages lately, she says. Many tennis fans feel that Bouchard is not focused enough on tennis and that is the main reason for her bad matches. They say that Instagram is one of the reasons “I just don’t value the opinions of people who are out there just judging what I put out there,” Bouchard said in an interview with recently.

“And I really try to refrain from posting bikini pictures, I really do. Apparently, if you post that, it means you don’t play tennis or something. “It’s influenced a little bit how I act. Maybe I’m just getting more mature and I’m like, ‘Look, I’m not going to post butt pictures every day”.

Still, Bouchard seems to have learned how to deal with people “I’ve been through the whole spectrum of people loving you. When everything’s going great, people love you. When everything’s going bad, people hate you,” she said.

“I’ve been through that wave so many times. It just sucks. People think social media is an exact representation of your day when it’s not. “I can go running for eight hours then go to dinner and post a selfie and people think I just went to dinner.

People need to realise it’s only what people choose to show, that’s what’s out there. "I went through the whole spectrum of wanting to post, not wanting to post, being scared, being like, ‘eff all of you guys, I’m going to still live my life’.

“I just don’t even care anymore, it’s just exhausting”.

Bouchard and sponsors

It seems that Instagram is still helping her in the promotion and that she is gaining more and more sponsors “One-hundred percent [it has helped with sponsorship],” she said.

“The number one question brands ask is, ‘what’s the following?’ It’s all about that… It’s a way of valuing people, I guess, which is superficial in a way, we’re all human, but it’s a way to put a number on people”.

“I'm so grateful to have a job and just have this opportunity and kind of appreciate things more when they're taken away from you,” she said" She is satisfied with the current game and did not expect to play the match against Kudermetova so well “I didn't know what to expect in terms of my level.

I played better than I expected,” Bouchard added. “I wanted to just be there mentally no matter what and I'm proud of how focused I stayed during this match”.