Medvedev will be completely ready for Roland Garros?

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Medvedev will be completely ready for Roland Garros?
Medvedev will be completely ready for Roland Garros? (Provided by Sport World News)

Gilles Cervara, the coach of Daniil Medvedev, talked to tennis majors about his player. Cervara talked about Medvedev, his condition during the isolation, tournaments and how much he lost by not playing According to Cervara, Medvedev was still able to train and his condition was monitored every day “He has been able to work for a week.

The first few days we kept a close eye on the reaction of his heart to effort, the reaction of his lungs, we were very attentive to his health sensations – headaches, difficulty in exertion – in order to adjust our training demand." "You don’t pick up like that overnight after a week off, especially after contracting a little-known virus”.

Are they still monitoring his condition? “No, there have also been other goals that have been pursued to improve his clay court game, to work on his beliefs and mentality on this surface”. Did Medvedev lose a lot by not playing? “It is significant.

When you see Stefanos Tsitsipas who has played 10 matches and the certainty he has created by winning nine (by winning in Monte Carlo, (reaching the) final in Barcelona, ed.), he is not the only one." "The extent of this delay is unknown.

I shouldn’t compare us to other players, we just have to focus on our own goals, day by day, to get to the end of the road. I can’t be ahead of my player”.

Roland Garros

Do they have enough time to return Medvedev to his level to be the "real" one at Roland Garros? "I can’t answer.

It will depend on the first match, the second match… What is important in these weeks of work is the ability to have a common thread between the content of the matches, and work that allows us to go towards the objectives.

We are in this search”. Medvedev is waiting for tournaments in Madrid and Roma, which could be preparation before Roland Garros “We’ll do Madrid and Rome. These tournaments will reveal things that will allow us to discuss and choose what will happen just before Roland Garros" "For our training and possibly to play another tournament.

He has a lot of room for improvement on clay. He’s never won a match at Roland Garros." "We’ve been seen joking about it before, which is good for not letting the pressure get to us, but I don’t feel like joking much anymore”.

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