Rafael Nadal got a Roger Federer's record!

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Rafael Nadal got a Roger Federer's record!

Until Sunday, Swiss Roger Federer was the only player to have played at least 12 finals in three different ATP Tour tournaments. Roger succeeded in Wimbledon, Halle and Basel, three of the most imperious strongholds of the very Swiss champion.

At Wimbledon Federer reached the final act 12 times, winning the title eight times; on the grass in Halle, on the other hand, 13 finals have been played, while as many as 15 (absolute record in the Open Era) that played in the 'home' tournament in Basel.

By playing - and winning - the final in the Masters 500 in Barcelona against Stefanos Tsitsipas, Rafael Nadal thus took away this particular primacy from his friend and rival Federer. Of course, Manacor's left-handed forts are all on clay: Roland Garros, Monte-Carlo and, indeed, Barcelona.

At the 13 finals of Roland Garros - accompanied by as many victories - the 12 conquered both in the Monegasque 1000 and in the Catalan 500 keep company. The first six positions of this special ranking that counts the finals played for each single tournament see, therefore, only two names appear: Roger Federer and Rafa Nadal.

A further demonstration, if needed, of the total domination that these two champions have been able to impress on world tennis over the past 15 years. The two could hypothetically find themselves against each other at Roland Garros, an appointment in which Roger should participate.

In 2019 Rafa defeated Roger with a clear 3-0 in Paris, before the rematch enjoyed by the Swiss a month later, always in the semifinals, on the meadows of Wimbledon. In the week of Barcelona, ​​whose central court has already been named after the strongest Spanish tennis player ever - Pista Rafa Nadal -, the Majorcan reached another, yet another, monstrous figure in terms of tennis played on crushed brick : beating the Japanese Kei Nishikori, in fact, Nadal has filed the victory number 450 on the red courts, streak then extended to 452 after the success in the final.

Wimbledon: from 2022 matches also on the Middle Sunday!

From 2022, at Wimbledon, matches will be played also on the Middle Sunday: a centuries-old tradition that intersects with the dawn of the tournament will end with this season's edition.

A piece of history that disappears to make room for pragmatism. Only on three occasions was it played on Middle Sunday: in 1991, 1997, 2004 and 2016, to recover matches interrupted by the rain. The official motivation, as announced by Chairman Ian Hewitt during the traditional spring press conference, is that of the evolution of technology for grass care, which allows the maintenance of the lawns even without a day off.

The Wimbledon Tournament, also known simply as Wimbledon, is the oldest event in the sport of tennis. Third Grand Slam tournament in chronological order annually, preceded by the Australian Open and the French Open and followed by the US Open, it is the only Grand Slam to be played on grass.

Held annually between June and July in the London suburb of Wimbledon over a two-week period, traditionally starting six weeks before the first Monday in August. In 2020 the tournament was not played due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

Green and purple are the traditional colors of the Wimbledon tournament. Female players are always appealed with Miss or Mrs during the game (for example when the chair judge declares the score). Men professionals, on the other hand, are indicated only with their surname, while amateurs are called with the title Mr.

During the tournament, a falcon named Finnegan flies over the fields at nine in the morning for over an hour before the gates open to ward off pigeons, which could distract the players. Every morning people queue-up to buy tickets for the tournament courts.

A queue that has gone down in history. The tournament starts every year six weeks before the first Monday in August and lasts for two weeks. Traditionally it is not played on Middle Sunday, but by now we know that from 2022 it will be played.

All the matches of the 4th round singles and doubles (men's and women's) and mixed doubles are then played on Manic Monday, or the Monday of the second week. During the first week the first rounds of the draws are played, while in the second it is up to the second round, quarterfinals, semifinals and final.

The players must wear white uniforms and shoes in honor of the tradition of the first English players, who used that color as a sign of elegance, little showiness and because it was the one that best masked sweating during the game. Hints or details of other colors are however accepted, as long as they are minimal.