Denis Shapovalov wants to gain confidence with victories

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Denis Shapovalov wants to gain confidence with victories

Denis Shapovalov is waiting for the tournament in Estoril this week. Shapovalov looks motivated and is ready for matches on clay “I think at the end of the day I don’t really care who I play against,” he said, as quoted by tennis majors “I’m going to play my game and I’m going to go for it.

That’s the mindset I try to have, like it doesn’t matter who is on the other side”. He used the wild card that was given to him, although clay is not exactly the surface he loves “I just want to play more, that’s why I chose to go to Estoril when they offered,” he said, “and just at least get one more match in”.

He believes that it will be crucial for him to get in shape and gain self-confidence “I’m going to play my game and when it clicks, then it clicks, it’s not ever a specific moment or not, but it just happens, you get a win here or there and you start feeling super confident and that’s where I think I can be dangerous, when I start getting those wins under my belt and I start feeling my game, then I’m able to beat any of the players."

"So really it’s just about that, trying to get a couple more matches in, feeling a little bit more comfortable on this surface before the big tournaments so that in those events I can do some damage”.

Shoulder problems and US Open

He recently had shoulder problems but seems to be fine now “The shoulder feels fine but of course I’m still feeling it, but it’s nothing serious so it’s something I can play through, and honestly I’m just here to try and get some more matches”.

At the tournament in Italy 2020, which was played on clay, Shapovalov was good. He believes that the main reason is the self-confidence he gained at the US Open “I feel like Rome was a follow-up from a really good tournament in New York, I was playing with a lot of confidence and I was able to kind of just roll through that tournament even though I was going through jet lag there and my body did not feel good,” he said.

“Just gamewise I was really confident”. Shapovalov does not want to put pressure on himself, so his main goal is to have continuity and start playing the way he knows how. “I just try to take it one match at a time and really just focus on myself and I mean, like I said, when my game is there when I’m feeling it, I can be very dangerous,” he said.

“Right now it’s just about just kind of feeling myself, and just bringing the game out, but not putting any expectations." I do think I could go deep in these tournaments and you know, I’ve had really good success in Madrid and in Rome, so I do feel like those are places where I could play really good tennis so I’m just excited for it.

“I’m just excited to get to the courts and play every match, it’s something I love to do, I love to play, no matter where I am, no matter against who, I just love to play, I love to dominate and play aggressively."

"I’m just going to continue to do what I do, and I do think everything is going to click and hopefully I can have some deep runs”.