Tsitsipas: "I feel I need experiences like this to push me forward in my career.”

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Tsitsipas: "I feel I need experiences like this to push me forward in my career.”

Stefanos Tsitsipas took revenge on Jannik Sinner and beat him in the ATP Barcelona semifinals. Nadal will be waiting for him in the final “Sinner’s an amazing player,” Tsitsipas said, as quoted by tennismajors “It was very close.

He had a lot of opportunities, break point opportunities on my serve, so it could have been different but I stayed tough and converted my chances." “My level was high today and I would say today was one of my best days on serve”.

Tsitsipas just lost his first final to Nadal which gives him extra motivation "It feels great to be back in the final,” he said. “It was a learning experience for me playing the first final against Rafa.

He’s someone I really respect and I’ve always dreamed of beating. " "The fact I was able to do it this year pushes me even further. I feel I need experiences like this to push me forward in my career”.

Nadal is aware of how difficult the match awaits him, but he hopes for the best “I have been improving whole week,” he said. “Every day was a little bit better. Today was my best match, tomorrow will be a very tough one against an opponent who’s playing at a very high level but let’s see.

I hope I will be able to play even better than today”.


Nadal will have to be very good if he wants to beat Tsitsipas, who seems unstoppable lately. Unlike the previous final, this time Tsitsipas is a much more experienced and better player, of which Nadal is very likely aware.

He will try to take advantage of his weaknesses and come up with a new trophy. “It’s the best Tsitsipas I have seen,” Nadal told reporters on Saturday. “I have to push on his backhand in order not to let him dictate with his forehand.

He is playing at a very high level. I do not know if I made enough steps forward in order to beat him”. “Tomorrow will be a very tough one,” Nadal said. “Stefanos is playing probably better than ever.

“Not one set lost in Monte-Carlo and here, so it will be the toughest opponent possible. I hope to be ready. It is going to be a tough one, but I need to be ready to increase my level and let’s see”. We will certainly look forward to the finals between the two of them and hope for a good match