Dominic Thiem: I feel into a hole after winning first Grand Slam title

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Dominic Thiem: I feel into a hole after winning first Grand Slam title

World No. 4 Dominic Thiem has revealed that he has been feeling a bit empty after achieving his life goal of winning a Grand Slam title. Thiem, the top-ranked Austrian tennis player, recovered from two sets down in the US Open final last year against Alexander Zverev to lift his maiden Grand Slam title.

Unfortunately for Thiem, it hasn't been a great 2021 season so far as he only made the round-of-16 at the Australian Open and picked up a few surprising exits in other tournaments. "It wasn’t too much (effort to chase my goals).

I spent 15 years chasing the big goal without looking left or right,” Thiem said, per Tennis Majors. “As I said, I achieved it – under strange circumstances, but that’s not so important to me. In a way, some things have fallen by the wayside – the private life, dealing with other things, broadening the horizon.

You have to do something for your head, for your brain. There was only tennis. I want to change that a bit. “After (the US Open) I was in a state of euphoria, the results still matched, I was in the final of the ATP Finals in London.

But in the preparation for this season, I fell into a hole. Whether the looseness will come, we will see, I don’t know, I hope so”.

Thiem suspects the pandemic also played a part

"I think the pandemic is an additional part of the whole (struggle).

If I had won the US Open last year in normality, things would have continued normally, and I would probably also be in the state I’m in now. When you spend your whole life chasing your one very big goal, subordinate everything to it, and then achieve it, for a while things aren’t the same as they were before.

That’s normal. The problem in tennis is that it’s so fast-paced and goes on week after week," Thiem said. Thiem hasn't played in more than a month as he is dealing with a left knee issue. “If you’re not 100 percent fit, you’ve lost.

That was the case for me this year at the Australian Open and especially in Doha and in Dubai," Thiem added. “The opponents are much too strong, the level is too high, you lose in the first or second round. It’s better to take yourself out of it. You should only come back when it makes sense”.